The Robux exchange rate and monthly cash out limit is increasing!

Hello Roblox Creator Community,

It’s been a big year for Roblox, but it’s been an even bigger year for the creator community. There are so many amazing ways you all have contributed to the Roblox ecosystem – from clothing designers to development studios it’s never been a better time to be a part of Roblox. And with the huge increase in Roblox’s popularity, we have also looked to you with increased expectations in terms of security and safety. These issue are at the core of Roblox principles and we appreciate everyones patience and dedication

We want to thank you for all the great work you’ve done and better reward you for all the great work you will do!. Starting today (March 1st, 2017), the Robux exchange rate will be increasing from .0025/R to .0035/R for all Robux earned today and everyday thereafter. That is a 40% increase in the value of Robux you earn and good news for all contributors to the Roblox economy. Buying Robux will continue at its current value; this only impacts exchanging Robux back to real currency through the DevEx program.

In addition to the increase in the value of Robux, we are also doubling the current exchange limit using DevEx from 20 million to 40 million to accommodate the increase in traffic. This means that the monthly exchange limit is now 40 million Robux, or $140,000 USD per DevEx. If you DevEx the maximum amount each month, that’s $1,680,000 USD a year (and yes, some developers are already there). We hope this encourages everyone to innovate and develop even more creative and inspiring creations.

What this means for you?

  • Any Robux earned starting today will be exchanged at the new rate (for 40% more USD) when utilizing DevEx.
  • Developers with a current balance will have DevEx funds pulled from their account at the old rate until all previous Robux are cleared. Your current balance is based on a snapshot of your current Robux balances as of this change. All DevEx requests up to the amount we have in the snapshot will be exchanged at the old rate of .0025/R.
  • Spending your current Robux balances on games, hats or other cool stuff will not get you to the higher exchange rate faster.

Oh boy! Glad I didn’t take out the maximum amount I had last month


Awesome :smiley:



That sounds awesome!! :smiley:


Wow, this is awesome! Thank you :smiley:

Just a quick question:

Will this be updated when we’ve cashed out our “old balance”?

Also, say we have 50k now, and we earn 50k after this date, when we DevEx I’m assuming half will be the old rate and the other half will be the new rate? (Or would the whole DevEx be the old rate?)



Very exciting!!


Awesome!!! :open_mouth:



Thats going to cause some headaches I think, but at least those who cashed out recently aren’t full of regret :ok_hand:


THHHHHISSS ISSSS AWEEEESOME! So thankful for Roblox’s and other developer’s success, we’ve done good guys!


  • Will Robux in group funds that is transferred into our personal accounts today be exchanged at the new or old rate?

  • What if I created a dev product in my game that’s priced at my current robux balance? I’d lose 30%, but because of the 40% increase I’d gain 10% after DevEx’ing.

  • I’m also interested in jjwood’s question:


I have a cashout that’s pending… would this be able to be retroactively applied to that too?

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Only robux that you earn from today onwards can have the new exchange rate applied to it.

EDIT: Accidentally sniped @MasterDaniel who quoted the source below :slight_smile:



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This was nice to wake up to. Thanks so much for this!

I wish there was a way to cash out specific values of Robux. As it stands, it’s going to take me 3 months before I get the increased rate, depending on the answer to jjwood’s question


This doesn’t concearn me in the slightest yet because I haven’t earned any money, but YEAAH!!


Soooo, developers now should make huge updates to their games and like spend a lot of R$ on ads XD that way it comes back to them in the new rate!


Huge news.


Awesome! :smile:

The ratios don’t work out nicely like 400:1 anymore, but now it’s 2000:7, meaning instead of 400 robux being 1 dollar, now it’s 2000 robux = $7

I’m wondering what happens if I had 100,001 robux yesterday, cashed out 100k today and then another 100k in a month. Would it still be entirely at 400:1 two months from now because of that one R$ from before the change? “until all previous Robux are cleared” is the concern here.