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The Test
Update Log

Update 1.1 - Funni Update (Part 2)

  • New Minigame. Put numbers together to create the number above. You don’t have to use all the boxes to win the minigame.

  • Some more Bug Fixes.

(This is just a mini update)

Previous Updates

Update 1.0
  • Released Game!
  • Optimized for PC.
Update 1.1 (Part 1)
  • Ability to use “Finisher” music Id’s. Everytime you try to fire at someone, a custom sound ID, YOU picked will play before it automatically shoots the enemy. It will be a 250 robux gamepass.

  • New Minigame. You move a square in a moving rectangle from 1 end to another without hitting the sides.

  • Settings. Press Q to access the settings menu. Nothing there yet besides the Finisher ID gamepass.

  • Ability to shoot yourself with Right Click.

  • Couple bug fixes.


Update 1.1 (Part 2) Released.