The Thing (Newer stuff!)


The Headcrab :

Tentacled Arms (With head) :

Tentacled Arms (Without head) : [size=1]sorry for bad recording.[/size]

The Crawler (Still working on him) :

Opinions? Ideas? Constructive criticism?

@HanSolo996, I am actually making this into a game, started on it 4 days ago, this thread is basically my update thread.
@Testing, you want slender? Then go here :
@DeviousDeviation and Whimzee, good, mission accomplished.


I am horrified and disturbed.

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I think that this is what he was trying to achieve.

I think you should add some more stuff. I’m thinking that part of the lower torso should be ripped out and “feelers” like that coming out of the wound.


that’s as disgusting as one of those spongebob episodes

Now make the tendrils move. That is, more animated than they are now.

Absolutely terrifying.


That’s pretty sweet.

Make a horror game out of this.

Bumping cause of new stuff…

Make sure that the crawler leaves a trail of blood behind him as he crawls.

How would you do that?

Get the Position of the Torso of the ‘monster’ and then use CFrame to make it drop a pile of blood :slight_smile:

How would you do that?[/quote]

One way to do it would be the following:

[code]local YourThing = YourThing
local BloodStain = game.ServerStorage.Bloodstain --Or you could just make it every time in the script
local PPart= YourThing.PrimaryPart
local LastPos = PPart.Position

while YourThing do
local NewPos = PPart.Position
if (NewPos - LastPos).magnitude > BloodStain.Size.X - (BloodStain.Size.X / 1.5) --I’m assuming the part will be square
local NewStain = BloodStain:clone()
NewStain.Parent = workspace
NewStain.CFrame =, NewPos.Y - (PPart.Size.Y / 2) + (BloodStain.Size.Y / 2), NewPos.Z)
game:GetService(“Debris”):AddItem(NewStain, 10)
LastPos = NewPos

This was done off the top of my head, but you get the concept. If you need more explanation feel free to PM me!

Guest, I noticed those limbs/torsos have bevels on them. This means that they’re compatible with shirts – you don’t have to use SurfaceGUIs and get those small gaps. When you said pseudo characters, I thought you meant ones without humanoids.

They still work with them, I just don’t feel like writing my own humanoid class… So I’m just sticking with ROBLOX’s humanoid and adding/removing parts to/from the character.

Just use shirts/pants instead of Surface GUIs then. It’ll look much better,

Yes, except it would not work for the visible Torso… But TO be honest, I’m not bothered by the lines, I know in time ROBLOX will fix.

Yes, except it would not work for the visible Torso…[/quote]

I take it that means that the torso I see on-screen is a fake, and that the real torso is perfectly upright, offsetting the rest with a weld. Rename the “real” torso to HumanoidRootPart and rename the “fake” torso to Torso, and all will be weld.

Those aren’t the headcrabs I’m used to.

[quote] Those aren’t the headcrabs I’m used to.


Sorry but no Half-Life here, only creative and original (not really) ideas.

If I made a pony into one of these things, would that be bad?