The unions in my games are shrinking

in many of the game im working on and i want to test something the unions get smaller than they where in studio


I’ve never seen this happen before, are there any scripts that could be changing their size? Perhaps any scripts inside of free models?

the game shown dosent use any free models and all the scripts are by me

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if you used negated blocks, make sure the negated blocks are anchored before unioning, if not it’ll cause behaviour like this

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I’m getting this bug as well. I only have a few scripts and they are only affecting some unions at this time. (None of which mess with parts directly.) Specifically in-game instead of studio’s test player. It would really benefit if a devrel member reached out. I can provide unions affected by this.

I have other unions unaffected (like the plants you see) or the tables.



I also noticed that my unions won’t subject themself to anchoring, as someone will fall out of place.

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Scale them up in studio to make up for it?

Overcompensation shouldn’t have to be the result to make unions work.

Also, they seem to not care about size. Mine will shrink to the current size regardless.

@ThisDeveloperYT, the best workaround for the both of us at this time is to export the parts and reimport as a mesh. I opened a bug report via support email.

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Update on this: