The Wave ® | Group Regulations

Once joining our group. You agree to follow our guidelines and abide by them. Refusal to comply with our rules will get you moderated and consequences will occur.

Sending Spam Messages

Do not send spam messages, this includes promoting scams, or chunk messages, such as copy and paste.


Do not disrespect other players on the group wall, this includes employees and moderators. You will be penalized if you are found disrespecting users.


Do not advertise any groups, socials, or anything unrelated to The Wave. Our moderators have the right to remove any advertising content.

Asking for Robux

Do not beg for Robux, they are used for advertisement & development purposes only. We do not give out Robux to anyone. It shows for the owner’s record.

Asking for Free Ranks

Do not ask for free ranks, go to the application center to apply or purchase one of the gamepasses. All gamepasses are finalized and no refunds will be granted.

Following Roblox Terms of Use & Community Guidelines

You are obligated to follow the Roblox Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, failing to do so will result in consequences.

Discriminatory Language

Do not promote discriminatory language towards other users, this includes harassment and racism. You will be moderated by our moderators if you attempt to violate our guidelines.

Copyright Infringement

Do not steal assets, commit plagiarism or copyright infringement. You will be reported to Roblox Administrators for violating their DMCA guidelines.

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