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The Wave ® - Development Credentials

In this located area, you will find all our current and past members of our development team, and people who have contributed with assets and testing as well.

Development Oversight

Selarise - Chairman & Development Lead
BigBlueChips - President & Community Manager

Current Developers

Dis_chat - Technical Director
BunnyDaCreator - Version Two Developer

Past and Former Developers

uhJx_ke - Version One Developer
oSudden - Former Development Lead & Programmer/UI’s
GrouchyDoggie - Former Lead Scripter
Tbrown392 - Former Scripter
SoAdorablle - Fomer Scripter
vuhoui - Former Developer
NewAsomebeastgoodman - Former Modeler
RAMMgamming - Former Programmer & Scripter

QA Testers & Contributors

q_Mark - Contributor & Former Developer

About The Wave

In early 2017, our Founder and Owner Selarise had a vision of creating a tropical themed juice bar to envision Roblox players on the platform. They can enjoy socializing with friends, working behind the counter, or completing certain activities around the game.

Once users join our game, they agree to abide by our guidelines and Roblox Community Guidelines. Users are given up to three strikes if they are found violating any rules and regulations provided by our games. Once a user hits three strikes, depending on the severity of the offense taken will determine how moderators take action. Our guidelines are to be taken seriously to provide both safety and the best experiment for our partners, guests, and customers.

If customers are interested in applying for a job, they are always welcome to visit our application center. Once a user passes their assessment, they must attend a hosted training, schedules can be found through our communication server, and customers are always provided with details through the group-shout and group-wall.

Compensation of Developers

All developers are thoroughly and activity paid for their contributions to development towards our group. For developers that are not creating assets for our group, they will not receive any compensation until they create and publish the asset they created. The payment towards developers and contributors is done through the group’s owner Selarise.

Sales regarding Gamepasses and In-Game Perks

All purchases from gamepasses and In-Game perks are final. As we understand, mistakes and accidents can occur, however. We have no control in offering refunds back towards users making in-game purchases. As stated in Roblox’s Unauthorized Charges & Refund Requests Policy, Roblox users should always get permission from the payment account owner (their parent, guardian, or adult relative) before making any purchase. If users are found purchasing items without permission from a parent or the account holder. Your Roblox account can possibly get terminated.

Legal Notice

The Wave® (“the organization”) reserves the right to take appropriate action against developers and visitors if they steal any of our assets without permission from the holder. If developers are found stealing assets from other developers. We will immediately terminate them from their position and a report will be made to Roblox. When a user steals an asset by another player without written permission, that is a violation of Roblox’s Content Copyright and Intellectual Property Guidelines. If a user for any reason tries or attempts to try to steal our games, models, graphics, descriptions and or use exploits to take them. We will immediately file a DMCA complaint against you towards Roblox, which can result in an account strike, and possibly an account termination.

We take our guidelines extremely seriously to protect our assets, and the hardworking creations produced by our development team.

For more questions regarding DMCA’s and penalties towards them. Please read the following articles:

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