The Wild West - Patch 3.4.19


Summary for Patch 3.4.19

Last Modified: 8th of October, 2021

![](upload://rrUeBk0PCbpsMdX4aMs7ADnNZX.png) ![](upload://3bKzk3vNrZc0hay1aIy4LiVAO8b.png)

Not a lot has changed this patch, but I might as well write all the changes that have been done.
This change log is a summary of all the changes that have been made.


  • Bear health has been increased from 200 to 300 (some old servers have 450)
  • Bear spawn locations have changed in proximity
  • Roblox Spatial Voice has been enabled for all those who currently have access. [1]

Additional Content:

  • New bandana colors have been added – Blue, Orange, Purple and Red!
    (Red is a special reward item in the world)

  • New glasses have been added to the game – this item is a reward found in the world.


  • A cactus now has a hat, very cool right? :cactus:
  • Internal changes in preparation for larger update to come later in another version.
  • Bronze City street lamps now turn off during the day

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues where special characters (accents) can bypass the custom chat filter.
  • Fixed issue allowing players to place items too high off the ground
  • Fixed issue where killing a bandit while being arrested reduced the reward given
  • Fixed other various small bugs and performance issues on lower end devices.

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[1] We have enabled Roblox Spatial Voice for beta testing. This feature is currently under review and is subject to change in the future based on community feedback. Not all users on the platform currently have access to this feature and this feature requires all users to undergo age verification.

We are still working on bigger updates. Be patient. ~Tokyo