The World's Best Particle Editor Plugin! (99% SURE)

plugin link : Ros Particle Editor - Roblox

VIDEO : How to use Ros Particle Editor | Roblox Studio - YouTube

Features :

  • Adjusing Size/Transparency/Squash of multiple particle emitter
  • No limits for size and squash
  • Expect the movement of particles
  • Display the range of particle creation.

How to Use :

When the created Particle emitter is selected,
a button appears on the right side of the screen.

Pressing this button activates the Particle Edit Mode.

The buttons on the left are used to adjust the Size, Transparency, and Squash of the Particle.

Blue lines are the expected movements of Particles.

The aqua lines surrounding the part represents the range of particles creation.

If you found a bug, please let me know :slight_smile:
This plugin will continue to update!
If there are any functions you want, please tell me.


From the looks of it, this seems like a wonderful plugin to augment Studio workflow. As someone who hasn’t messed around with ParticleEmitters at an extreme level, this plugin does a great job of visualizing exactly what each setting does, providing more clarity and better overall situational awareness. In many ways, this seems to be both an elegant addition to Studio and a great learning tool.

Excited to see further updates!


I changed it to work on Attachment or Bone.


damm thats epic, i like it, ty for this plugin bro.


Damn that’s so awesome
I really want to start playing around with it

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Nice plugin! Playing around with this will be fun.

Hey man i looked through your plugin scripts and found this suspicious script named ‘There’s a scary monster in here’ and it seems that inside it is a bunch of garbage code designed to cause performance issues:


What’s the source in it? Is it bad?

lol, very funny

it should eject you when you mess with the impostor guy

The lines that shows the movement of the particles looks clearer than before (change from ConHandleAdornment to LineHandleAdornment).
Also, the color of the lines are changed to the color of the particles.


This looks fantastic! Do you have any plans for perhaps a curve-mapping tool? We could manipulate lines using Bezier Curves to follow a path that we desire, and then have the particles follow it.

The path of the particle is determined by the CFrame, Speed, Acceleration, and Drag, so I don’t think we can make it follow the Bezier curve.

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By pressing the Emit button, you can emit particles.

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This is amazing! I can make patterns so much easier now! I’ll be sure to recommend this to anyone who wants to try to make particle patterns!

Here’s an explosion-ish type of pattern i made using this:

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Nice I hope my bulky historic dell laptop can handle this plugin


Does not work,

I get this error when I click Size, Transparency etc.

Bezier sequencer seems to get an error when a particle emitter changed in an external editor.
The plugin that gets the error is not mine, so I can’t fix it :frowning:

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So is this plugin broken indefinitely? I was really anticipating to use this, but it doesn’t show up at all…

My plugin is not broken.
However, when used in conjunction with another plugin, the Bezier Sequencer, it is the Bezier Sequencer that will become broken, not the Ros Editor.

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I don’t have the Bezier Sequencer plugin yet it does not appear for me either