There is no way to currently pull specific place statistics in the Creator Dashboard

The Creator Dashboard is very polished allowing creators to easily track their games, however at the current moment it is only possible to see the spawn / main place statistics.

As stated in the Developer Stats info section:

Visit, Average Visit Length, and Revenue stats are all per-place, while the visitor count shown in Live Stats is for the entire experience

At the current moment the Creator Dashboard only supports universe ids. Thus, you’re only able to see the statistics of the main place you spawn into. This means that it is currently impossible to get Visits, Average Visit Length, and Revenue stats of a specific place within the Universe, without using the old developer stats page. (By manually inputting

Putting a place ID in the Creator Dashboard Link brings you to:


You’re able to get the statistics for Place 1, but not Place 2 and Place 3

As a developer who uses their main place as a teleport lobby and monetizes in the sub-places under a universe, this makes it difficult to track a game’s revenue and makes it hard to gauge performance between places.


Anddd, this is still a missing feature that we used to have before the Creator Dashboard update came out, when are we getting it back? It’s a key critical feature we need to analyze our multi place experiences.

This should be top priority.

Thanks for the feedback kingerman88, and for bumping this thread Shutz. While place level reporting is not on our immediate roadmap, we understand how comparing performance across places could benefit you and other creators. We’ll keep this request in mind as we expand our analytics offerings in 2023.


110% support! That’s a huge problem for games that use the main place as a main menu, I’m personally surprised that nobody covered this while updating the new Creator Dashboard. I’m reviving this topic because I think it’s important to keep it loud.

You can see metrics by Place ID and other breakdowns (ie. country, premium vs free, language) with Super Biz Analytics. Let me know what you think if you try it!

Disclaimer: I work on this

I am bumping this because Roblox added tons of features in Analytics section, but still no way of seeing per-place statistics, not even visitor count over a certain period (which used to be possible in the old “Developer stats” page).

Per-place data would allow me to understand players’ behaviour in each of them, and take more pertinent decisions on where to put my efforts.