There is no way to listen for the complete loading of HumanoidDescription

As a Roblox developer, it is too hard to reliably wait for a HumanoidDescription to load.

In my project, player can choose two teams, each one having a unique character. The player’s appearance is set using HumanoidDescriptions, and I additionally show their character in a viewport frame, as this game forces first person.

However, the humanoid description does not always load fully, leading to the character being rendered incompletely:


I worked around this by arbitrarily waiting for the name of an accessory that is included in the HumanoidDescription. This worked okay, and this occurred less frequently, however today, this stopped working, and I haven’t been able to get it to render correctly.

This problem would be solved completely if there was an API I could use to render the character once it has completely loaded. I would also avoid polling or arbitrarily waiting for parts of the description to load in. If one part is loaded in, that does not necessarily mean the entire description was loaded.