Thin parts falling through map

Thin parts will sometimes fall through the map when dropped. I don’t have an issue with the part being dropped on furniture, but sometimes when it’s dropped on the ground, it will just phase through the map. This is a particularly large issue for my game, since the cash objects can berather thin (they use a dynamic thickness based on the number of bills in the stack.) I’ve ensured CanCollide is true. I know I can just make the cash part thicker, but is there a better solution to prevent this?

Attached is a video of the issue taking place:

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It shouldn’t phase through. Are you setting the CanCollide property on the server instead of the client? If not, there will be unexpected results with network ownership.

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Doesn’t really look like it’s falling through the map, looks like it’s being destroyed.
How do you handle players picking up cash?

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Is the map floor thin too? because I think when thin objects collide with thin floors the thin objects just phases through.

Some of the replies here are worth checking, I would suggest disabling the ability to pick up cash to see if it is really falling through the map or if it is getting destroyed. There isn’t much to go off of without any code snippets.

There’s no problem with the CanCollide, it’s being set on the server, and for the given item it’s never set to false for any reason.

There’s a ProximityPrompt in the Handle, and it will immediately go into the hand of the player who picked it up.

There were two layers of map it went through, the bank floor and then the concrete beneath it. The bank floor is .13 studs thick, and the concrete beneath 0.855

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How thin is the money in studs?

Size is set to, #bills * 0.005, 0.488). In this case, it seems like it was 0.015 studs thick.

Do the stacked cash still go through the floor? it might be because of the thickness of the part if not then it might be something related to the floor or the cash.

No, it only seemed to happen with the thinner stacks.

by the way on the .13 did you mean 0.13?

Because I have tested, and the thin cash does phase through it, but it doesn’t go through the 0.855. The issue might be something I have not learnt to fix yet. I’m still pretty new to the Roblox coding community. But I do have an idea. It might be associated with the velocity of the falling part. Sometimes in Roblox’s gravity it pulls too hard that it lets objects phase through. I think I’m wrong though.

Yes, .13 is the same as 0.13, just a different way of writing it.
After further examination, I realized that it’s going through the 0.13 but not the 0.855, but since it’s “in the floor”, it appears to disappear, because it requires line of sight in order to pick up.

Here is a post on reduced minimum part size. (2021)

I suggest making the thickness a bit more thicker, as that’s extremely thin.