This horse can somehow no-clip

Collissions are off, and I don’t think it has anything to do with scripts because I’ve tried this in a free model horse and it doesn’t seem to collide, since it’s a meshpart, I think I should post it in Building Support, how do I fix this?

Hi there. Are you able to provide a file for reproduce (the horse free model, etc) so we can investigate futher? Thanks!

Check the scripts you have made, if there is any function which let the player and the mesh part be can-collide able. If you can please provide the script that’s into the horse model so we can give a solution if there is a problem with it.

I managed to fix it but here’s what happened!


I simply just changed the humanoid to R15 type.

Just happened to fix this by turning the materials to metal, and by changing the name of “Head” to “Heads” because it doesn’t seem to fix it just by materials

FYI, Humanoids are extremely picky about part names. You must make sure they have critical parts named appropriately or things will misbehave.

This was likely your problem.

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