This post serves no purpose

Look at me editing the topic template. Wow!

Please DO NOT include Discord links; your post will be removed from the forum.

Share important content with your group or game communities. All content created in this section has the main goal of informing your communities, and as a result, threads are automatically locked.

Anything that informs communities and conforms to all of the rules can go into the bulletin board.

What are the rules for posting here?

  • Since these topics can be linked to from the main Roblox website, keep in mind:

    • Do not use inappropriate language.
    • Only links to Twitter, GitHub, Gitlab, YouTube, Twitch and Trello are allowed. Do not post links to other domains (such as Discord).
  • Do not post about giveaways!

  • It is forbidden to accept payment for using the Developer Forum in stead of another user that is not a forum member.
    See: Rule 15 - Posting by proxy for payment is not allowed


And look at me, able to reply. My gosh~! Technology is great isn’t it.

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