Thoughts and feedback on the NEW exterior of my café?

Taking all of your (mean and may have made me cry [jk]) feedback into mind, I completely changed and revamped my café! It went from this:

to this!


I made it both smaller and added color! But no floor yet. :T

Also, because this wasn’t clear enough apparently on the last post, terrain and vegetation are NOT what I am doing right now.

Thank you all for your feedback! :smile:


Sooo… nobody? Guess I made it perfect then :triumph:

It’s a good build indeed, but some things which could be improved are listed below:

  • On the roof, it looks too flat, you should try and mess around with unions to make a few holes on the roof so you can add some glass windows.
  • The door is looking really big, perhaps you could scale it down a little bit, and if that’s how you want it, you should make it a double door with glass on them.
  • I also feel like the windows are just randomly placed on the outside, I feel like there should be a pattern for where they’re placed.

Apart from that, you have a very nice build and I can’t wait for further updates.


Yeah, I’m bad with windows :persevere: Also, the door IS a double door, and it may not be as big as you think.
This is it compared to a default humanoid model:


It’s big, but not that big.