Thoughts On My Barber Shop

There was a empty space in my city where i thought a building could go.

So i decided to put a Barber Shop there called Shanes Shaves And Cuts. I wanted to know what you think about it and on how i could improve on it and what to add inside no free models where used in this build and was built by me except the barber poles as i do not know how to animate parts by myself.



I think its a pretty good attempt! However a big problem I notice with a lot of novice builders is inconsistency in size. You could easily make this building a quarter of it’s current size. if you have really large barren gaps inside of your buildings, especially wall space, try to do something with that space or get rid of it. I would also recommend changing the walls to a more muted blue, rather than the vibrant saturated one you’re currently using. I’d also suggest adding an outline to the windows so that they stick out and add another layer to your exterior/interior, something that is very needed when you have large unfilled walls.

A decent attempt, but one that can definitely use some workshopping. Keep on building man, hope to see where you go in the future!


The colors and different components don’t match. The door doesn’t seem to fit the building style nor does the building style fit the door. You should maybe work on a little more detail in the shop and choose better colors and textures.


Its really good but I think you should make the walls look a bit more realistic and add an open/closed tag on the door.


It is a good start. I would possibly do some flowers/plants inside because there is a large amount of empty space. Also maybe do some type of window frame because this just seems large etc. A nice window design would help it greatly.

Also might want to consider changing the sign text color or the building color because the name is very difficult to read.


I think your “Barber Shop” is really decent! Like the different details you added, to it as well the inside and the icon at the top of it. However there is a couple of things i’ll fix on your barber, shop to make it stand out. More i see you created everything else which is nice but! There could be a little more details added, to it to look more better overall i’ll use, some texture and other colors!!

Barber Shop
The building is a decent attempt, however there seems to be no other shapes added to your shop. I would add different kind of shapes and implement, frames/dividers onto the window as by looking at yours the window is across. I would recommend you add that to your, building as well you could add different, kind of colors to the building and maybe implement! Some texture to look more better i would. Add some wood, stone, brick, stucco, ect. Showed below you can see that a barber shop. Has different shapes added onto, the building to look more better, i’ll just add those details to your building! And other colors just play around still you find the right one.

As i said above you should add a frame around the window. And some dividers black, white, ect. So it could look decent, on your barber shop and you could try! Adding a awning in front of the building as some “Barber Shops” have those kind. Of decorations above the door part as well you should center the door in the, middle so you could add different shapes to it, overall you have done a great job on your building. I’ll probably change the text to a white color so it won’t! Blend in with the color that’s on the shop try working on the text that’s on the building!!


Your Barber Shop needs some details in the inside part. I see you only added some chairs, couches, mirrors, tv, that’s good, however you could add a bit more details. In the inside part as well the outside area just to look, more like a real “Barber Shop” here is a couple of, things i’ll add to your building to look more! Better and to improve it a little more i’ll just work, on the color scheme/material however you have. Done a amazing job on your "Barber Shope nicely done.


  • Couches, Tables Pictures
  • Flowers, Chairs
  • Barber Shop Business Sign
  • Barber Shop Flag, Potted Flowers
  • Hanging Lights, Potted Plants
  • Desks, Carpets Hanging TV
  • Barber Chair Esquire


  • Hair Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Blowdryer
  • Shears
  • Shavette
  • Electric Trimmer

Overall, you have done a incredible job on your barber shop can’t wait to see the final. Shop very soon and the other different decorations, you add to it as well the improvements. You make however keep it up hope to see more from you!!


It looks like a good start.

The sign looks a little weird and disproportionate from the rest of the build. I suggest maybe sizing it down a little, changing the colour of it from the rest of the build and adding supports behind it like this:

I also think you should change up the colours a bit. not have the building full one colour.

I do like the actual scissors and text you have on the sign though, it was a good idea.
Keep the good work up!Hopefully this helps a bit and makes sense because I’m very tired right now.


The most important thing is scaling! I noticed that the windows are very large along with the height of the ceiling. I like to keep a brick with me that’s sized to a roblox avatar. Meet Barry!
He’s exactly one robloxian tall and wide and very helpful for scaling.

I think it’s important to look at some reference photos before making a building as well.


I like how you’re trying to use up every available space in your city, but you may want to focus on the quality of each individual building more than simply filling in spaces. I’m not sure what kind of time you’re putting into your city or its buildings, but I would suggest putting a bit more effort into the different components.

A couple suggestions for the barber shop:

  • Change the color of the text. Currently it’s too similar to the color of the shop exterior so I find it is a bit hard to read.
  • Add more color variation to the build. Right now you simply have blue walls and a window, I would suggest adding more varying colors (even if these are just different shades of blue) to spice up the visual appeal a bit. These colors can be added anywhere you see fit, but I would recommend at least outlining the window with a border.

A final topic I want to address is size. Right now it seems the building is extremely large and as a result there is a lot of empty space on the inside and the roof is a bit higher than it realistically needs to be. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but I would suggest using a “noob” model from the toolbox to use as a size reference when building. This will let you see how the build relates to the players that would be entering or walking by it. It’s more important to create a building in the right proportion to what is going to be inside it than it is to simply fill a space between two other buildings.

Definitely a really cool concept though, and from what I can see of the rest of the city in the background of those pictures it looks like it’s coming along really well. Nice job and best of luck with future builds!


Hello whenever i build i use the default block avatar from the rig editor to scale the roofs. its a little high up, but i can fix that

Picture of entire city so far

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I am gonna do a breakdown of some harsh critique, (You asked for it.)

  • The place has no shape. Try building a shape that is more unique, like maybe remove a corner of the building, and make it two-story.
  • The door is uncentred, making it not look, the nicest.
  • There isn’t a repeating pattern around the building.
  • I have serious doubts on the realism, a barber shop would not use a wooden chair.
  • Try maybe, making it really small, and then fitting some low-poly buildings around it.
  • If you have empty space, furnish it! Place a fishtank or something, use your imagination.
  • The outside, the building is not quite touching the pavement, deeming the pavement pointless.
  • The window has yet again, no pattern or shape to it.

Change these things, if not most of them and the building will be already looking 5x as good!


That looks really good. Nice job!


I feel that there is a lot of empty space and repetitive use of one object, besides that it’s a solid build :smiley:


Ok after a few days the new and improved Barber Shop is here! The middle is still a bit empty i have to find something to put there. There is supports behind the sign now too.


It’s a good start :+1:
I think a lot has already been said but I think these suggestions are important, so sorry If I repeat what others have said:


A lot has already been said regarding this so i’ll try and not repeat too much.

  • I still think you should change your sign to this:

  • You should add some more detail to the exterior as currently it’s bland. You could have a change of colours, lights or light pole, chair outside, bin outside, tree, there should be multiple small windows instead of one large window, ladder on the side of the building to the roof, what other people have said, ect.


  • Instead of having the lounge/ staff lounge area openly exposed to the Main room you could have it sectioned off in it’s own seperate room.

  • The main room is way too big for the amount of stuff in it. It looks very empty. One way you could fix this is by shrinking the whole building. Another way (which I think you should do) is sectioning the building into multiple rooms with different purposes. Not only will this add detail but it will also fill the space. You could have staff lounge room( A place for staff to eat and relax while they’re not working), Storage room, luxury barber shop area, ect. There are many more rooms you could add.

  • Add a counter where you pay for your haircut.

  • These windows are too big and in my opinion shouldn’t go all the way up to the roof:

  • I think this should be metal not concrete:

  • Maybe some carpeted areas

  • One thing you could do is change the interior wall colour and material from the outside. This could make the build look a lot better in my opinion. You could do this by layering two walls or using decals / textures.


  • Don’t use free models, It can make the whole build look unprofessional in my opinion. I’d suggest creating a new hand made couch instead of using this one:

  • This table doesn’t have enough detail and I don’t think it should all be made out of the plank material and the same colour through the whole model. The plank material looks poorly used here. If you didn’t want to re-create the whole table here you could just change the materials and colour and it could be far better.

  • These chair models don’t fit the build, they would fit more of an office build:

  • Maybe add some tables with magazines or other things on the tables for the people waiting to read.

It’s a pretty good start and I know some of this has been said but you haven’t changed it in the new version and I think it could really improve your build. Good luck :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is getting better, but there is still a huge amount to improve. You didn’t listen to any of my suggestions.

Also, why are there office chairs instead? Try some actual barber stools, see the reference.

I did use many of your Suggestions i

Centered The Door
I fixed the wooden chair, i will change it to barber stool now
I used my imagination on some things, right now i am working on a fish tank
I fixed the pavement

Things i am working on

i tried making the windows better, but i didn’t know how.
i am trying to make the place have shape
i am trying to have a repeating pattern

Things i didn’t do
The low ploy thing.

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Your repeating pattern isn’t done properly at the moment. In its current state it looks basic and copy-pasted. In real life, there aren’t many repeating patterns, and if there are they fit in well.

Picture yourself walking into a barber shop. Would the rest seats sit along one concrete wall with a large window, with a TV in the corner? Would there really be 10+ barber stalls?


ok i am remaking the entire Barber Shop, here is the frame so far. I will add windows soon. You inspired me to remake it as you said think of a real Barber Shop i would walk into. The frame already looks better, the walls will also be painted when its done.

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