Thoughts on my GFX


Hello everyone, so I was wondering what you guys think of my GFX. I’m thinking about changing the font but I can’t find a good font. Please give me your thoughts, from John.



The render looks pretty cool! But for the font i’d recommend maybe Agency FB

Or the The X-Files which I don’t think will suit this but has the FBI report paper sort of feeling



Render looks awesome! Love it. Although the only thing that I would suggest to improve would be the font of the text, anything else could be better such as Lemon/Milk, etc. Hope I helped!




I don’t think the text should be yellow. It doesn’t really stand out. I think you should try using blue instead. It would help it “pop.”


For the top or bottom or both?

I would do both. Also just noticed, another reason to change the text color is that it looks like the “FBI” on his shirt is part of the ad text. Definitely problematic.


I tried taking the suggestions but don’t really like it.

Instead of doing;
Federal Bureau

Maybe try doing
Federal Bureau
of Investigation

And make the font bigger and maybe bold the FBI part, leaving of not bolded.

or even


I like my opinion, I like the render but try to create more relief, I put 5/10

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So, first of all, it’s very hard to tell that he’s holding a badge in his hand, you might wanna make it easier to see. Moreover, his posing is very stiff and his back isn’t bent in the slightest. You also need to add bump and reflection to the characters to make it look more appealing.
For the ad, you need bump and reflection.


I tried something like that not sure what to think I kinda like it.

I tried doing bump mapping but can’t figure out how. Also he’s supposed to be sitting up straight cause FBI agents need to look awake, and alert but how would I keep that with a bend? Also how would I make the badge stand out more, I feel as if you can easily tell so I’m not sure where you’re coming from. Thanks from John.

Do you use Blender or C4D, if Blender, I can help you with bump mapping. Moreover, for the backbend, you wanna do it slightly. It isn’t mandatory, it just helps posing to not be stiff.

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Blender, mk should I make it bend to the side so it still looks like he is at attentions and alert?

Use a brighter colour, it blends in too much with the background and character.

Also what program are you using? If photoshop, click the button on the side to open font settings, and bring it closer together;

If Paintdotnet, I don’t think it’s possible in there/I don’t know how.

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This is the node set up for bump in Blender, the Image textures should be your character texture.
Also, your back bend doesn’t need to be in a specific place/direction, as long as your character looks like he has a normal posture and isn’t standing straight up, it’ll be great.


Ok I’ll try once I get back to my computer, thanks.

To pull off better lighting I recommend using HDRI lighting. It sounds like its a pain to use but its not.

First of all, you need to make your scene, after you have done that you need to switch from blender render to cycles render.

Locating Cycles Render

Once you have done that you will need to divide your screen into 2 parts.

Dividing the Screen

On your window of choice switch the editing mode from 3D view to Node editor.

Finding Node Editor

^ Click ‘New Material’ and make sure ‘Use Nodes’ is checked, you should have 2 Nodes automatically added, refrain from deleting them.

Enabaling Nodes

With your mouse over the Node Editor press CTRL + A or COMMAND + A to access the Node selector. Search for ‘Environmental Texture.’

Adding the required Nodes


Before we continue you will need to download an HDRI file online. Luckily a friend of mine who is extremely talented in GFX gave me a site that gives you access to 1) countless FREE to use HDRI files, and 2) countless FREE to use 3D textures.

The Website

HDRIs • Poly Haven, make sure to download your HDRI in 4K as its the best quality you can render in without it taking a very long time to render (it still takes a short while with 4k).

Now go back to your Blender application and click on the folder titled open on the ‘Environmental Textures’ Node.

Final touches to the Node set up

After you’ve added the HDRI file to your Node, connect it up to the ‘Diffuse BSDF’ node.

Before you start to render we need to change some settings first.

Filter out noise

First of all, select denoising to filter out noise.

Transparent Background

Now to make your background transparent.

After you have done all of this you are ready to render, add a camera and get blending.
Here is an example of some of my renders ft HDRI.

My Renders


If you look at the background closely there is supposed to be a city street but that’s lost. Do you guys think I should just make it solid?

If you are using Photoshop, the city overlay is probably set to normal, set it to overlay or soft light and mess around with the opacity.



Result at 50% opacity

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