Thoughts on my swords

Hello, I made some swords for my game, and I don’t know if players will like them, maybe you guys can give thoughts and suggestions?

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

I never made swords before I started like 1 week ago. So they might not look that good.


They all look really good! I like the shapes and colors, perhabs some particles would look good?

This is very impressive, definetly a start!


Very cool swords, especially since this is one of the first times you made them!

Some of the swords like the 2nd one in picture 1 without the neon look a bit like huge wands. Maybe you can try configuring the material to like metal perhaps?

Other than that, great work! I wish you all the best on your future projects!


Nice start for some swords, but there is a few things you could change, for example the handle doesn’t look to well. So maybe you could add more detail onto the handle, and add more textures.
Other than that good job!


Nice start but some of the textures look odd, the one that looks most appealing for me is the plastic one. Pretty simple but they look nice.


I really like your use of colours and materials in these swords! The handles are also very nice.

Constructive Feedback

In regards constructive feedback, I think the blade of the sword is a little too thin. This makes the swords look a bit like lightsabers or wands, as @TheCarbyneUniverse has already touched on. I think if you were to make the blade a little wider, it might help make them more recognisable as swords.

If you want to create the look of a katana, you could keep the thin blade and curve it slightly. However, that might be a lot of additional work considering you’ve already built the blade.


Overall, these models are very impressive for only 1 week of experience. As I’ve mentioned above, I particularly like the different colours and use of materials. Keep up the good work! :smile:


I highly agree with @Craftero. Especially for only having 1 weeks worth of experience.

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It looks really low budget imo.You should look up blender guru and try some tutorials on blender.