Thoughts on these Studio Class Icons

hii hello hi hii

a couple weeks ago i started a little project that involves revamping current roblox class icons into a more basic look (i think atleast)

this was heavily inspired by @Elttob and his Vanilla Icons pack, there could be similarities between them (and im sorry if there are, these arent final maybe)

here are some image previews so you can judge them!!

these are basically just Vanilla but more color coded to the default class icons

please do give me feedback and some suggestions if youve got any, and if i should upload this to the public


I don’t think they look a lot better than the original one, but sure make it a plugin for you and your friends

They are a lot crisper than the original ones. Some of them aren’t as easy to identify, such as the trail icon - sort of looks like butter melting on a pan. For the other ones though, I like them a lot. Maybe make some of the white things grey, such as the speaker, and the camera.

I love them! They are more simplified and they have a way better quality. Great job! :clap:

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I have a weird feeling that humanoid and player should be swapped.

Anyway, those look really good, and as Infinite_Visions said, they do look much crisper, cleaner, and simpler.

thank you for the feedback!! ill try and redo some things to make it look better on the eyes and more readable soon, please keep giving me feedback thou,!

for anyone finding this post, ive remade some icons and released the icon pack

more info on this post