Throw an error instead of returning NAN/nan

In any scenario that returns NAN/nan, please throw an error instead. Realistically, nobody is ever going to be using nan for anything, (??) so all getting nan does is make you spend a lot of time debugging and looking for reasons why your code isn’t working

The only scenario that I can think of right now that might be a bit messy is checking the unit vector of the origin vector (0,0,0), especially since it is precomputed by Roblox

I think that situations like that should just have their value be nil since theres a quick check for that (you can still do stuff like if not (num > num) and not (num <= num) then print("isNan") end but it would be cleaner to have it act as the rest of the nan cases if this feature request is passed (completely eradicating nan)

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This would be a pretty drastic change that could break games that already properly check for nan


if num ~= num then

NaN is the only numerical value that isn’t equal to itself.


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