TimeSaver - Welding/Parenting Plugin

If you’ve been devving long enough, you’ll realize just how much time is wasted slowly scrolling through a large workspace, looking for that one spot that you need to reparent an object to. So much time is spent welding every terrible model, part by part.

This model is made to reduce that time down to nearly nothing.

Introducing. . . TimeSaver!

You may be thinking, “This ONLY Parents and welds? Why would I ever need that?” You’ll see why. With crisp UI and a lot to get done, this can be the tool that aids in your success.

This won't disrupt the hierarchy of selected objects. For example, if you select a model but ACCIDENTALLY select all of the parts within, only the model will be parented to the new location. The parts inside won't be moved.

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  • When assigning an objects parent, separate the hierarchy with “.” Say you want to parent an object to a folder in ReplicatedStorage. Do “ReplicatedStorage.Folder”
  • For assigning an objects parent, remember that this plugin is caps sensitive. You’ll have to type out the name exactly.

I’d love any and all feedback/update suggestions. Have any other ideas that can save time? I’d love to hear them!


Nice, but you can already click the parent property in the object so you don’t need to drag it

Weldings good tho

That’s true. For me, it’s still faster to type it in through the plugin, but really depends on the person :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the feedback!

True, but when you use lots of folders, it’s not faster to type it when you can just use 2 clicks.

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Really just depends on how you organize things. Is there any other features I should add that would make life easier?

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writing paths is an tedious hell. you could make a quickpath.

What exactly do you mean as paths/quickpath?

For example I selected an object in workspace or serverscript or whatever

The plugin would write the path for me in the script. Simple right?

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That would be a neat feature, I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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If you don’t know how to insert a line of code in the script, I’ll give you a quick code.

script.Source = script.Source..[[
local ]]..object.Name..[[ = ]]..object:GetFullName()

Ofcourse, script must be the selected script and object must be the selected object

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Yeah, I’ve used it before in plugins. Don’t want to throw anyone off with, “Give plugin script editing permissions” though (this can be a warning flag sometimes)

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I couldn’t understand but plugins are allowed to edit scripts, just not game scripts.

I’ll see if I can implement a system for that. Inserting or editing any scripts usually throws it, but maybe not, I’ll see