[CLOSED] Infinite_Visions | Advanced Scripter for Hire

My official website: Infinite_Visions’s Website

Hey there! I’m Infinite_Visions, owner of small development studio, Visions Games. I’m a skilled scripter, having directly coded for 30+ games, with 23+ Million contributed game visits. I am fully confident when it comes to scripting - I can script anything ranging from small systems to entire games.

I’ll supply you with screenshots, videos, and a trial/test place for my game, to ensure that I am working and getting everything done exactly the way you want it and need it.

I’ve solo developed each one of these games, and worked relentlessly on bring the quality of Roblox up.

Here are my solo/partnered Projects

Bunny High [Coming Soon, 76.9k TikTok Followers]
High Seas
Encanto | Survive the Killer [1.7 Million+ Visits]
Turning Red | RPG [300k+ Visits]
The Coast [9.5k+ Visits]
Hallway Of Horror
Chicken Legs (Custom Physics Game)
ELIMINATE - First Person Skill Test
Domino Simulator
Premium Power
Army Obby

Previously Commissioned Systems

These are some of the notable commissions. I have done many, many more. For sake of my sanity, I cannot include them all.

Commisioned Systems Below

Advanced Vehicle System #1

This system consists of a car chassis, with customizable sounds, effects, lights, etc. Cars explode upon crashing/entering water after a certain point. Cars damage players they run over. Honking/light activation and other effects included.


Advanced Vehicle System #2

This system was a revamp of Roblox’s car chassis, with improved physics, handling, effects, and customization.

Custom Character Controller

Features such as Crouching, Diving, Rolling, Sprinting, flying,

Advanced Build System for @Nintian

This system allows you to design your own plot of land with furniture from your “Attic”. You can also buy more furniture from the shop, change room wall color, and load in past build slots upon joining (see video)

SAVING Character Customization system for @FantasyStudios

This is a self-updating system [all you have to do is add the model to a specified folder in studio, and it is automatically incorporated into it] where you can customize your character with anything, changing height, skin tone, body rig type, face, shirt, hair, and pants. It also saves to the next time you join, for easy access. (see video)

Advanced Deploy/Queue System for @rbxstars

This Queue system allows you to choose from several modes, including Solo and Trios. If you choose Trios, you can decide whether you want to wait for your queue to fill, or just be teleported into an existing 3v3 game that is missing players. (see video)

VeiwportFrame/Proximity Prompt SHOP system for @MiloAlanzoMD

This is a self-updating shop system, where you can veiw any item (within a gui frame), purchase any item, or add the item to your “checkout cart”, for further use. (see video)

2 Custom GUI Minigames for @Matt4268

These are 2 custom GUI Minigames, with custom GUI Collisions logic, unique gameplay, and new elements.


robloxapp-20210311-0857398.wmv (1.0 MB)

Custom Gui/Cutscene loading intro for @Anonymous

This is a custom fade-in intro, that allows you to walk into a part, triggering a cutscene.

SAVING Main Menu/Character Customizer for @Z0diox

This was a custom user interface, where you could select your character to play as. Upon selection, data would appear for your character, and if you didn’t own it, a prompt purchase. Then, you could spawn as it. The next time you joined, your selection would load back in.

SAVING Deploy Main Menu for @LudusFinis

This is a Main Menu, which allows you to change your character, Primary Weapon, Sidearm and Gadget. Your selections save. You can also access the store and credits. (see video)

Character Team Size Changer for @Anonymous

This is a system that changes your character size based on your team.

Character Change Interface for @Mquel_Frau5

This self-updating interface allows you to change your character size, your animation packs, your rig types, as well as changing into custom Morphs(see video)

Custom Global Leaderboard + Coins Displayer for @Mquel_Frau5

This is a custom global leaderboard that displays top player’s coins. There is also a working coin displayer at the top right hand of the screen, displaying your coin amount.

Custom Tycoon Dropper System, Tool Giver System, and Teleport System for @Anonymous

This includes a dropper system for a tycoon, a Tool Give system, and a teleport system which teleports you to different levels depending on which button you pressed. (see video)
Models not made by me.

SAVING Placement System for @Matt4268

This was a saving house placement system, where you could place, rotate, delete, and further customize a plot. Upon rejoining, it loaded your data from your previous session.

Queue and Race system for @DefaultBrain

This was a Queue and Race system. Once you entered the queue, and it fills to required player count, you are teleported to the race, and can watch race progress from the leaderboard. After completing the laps, you can spectate, and enter the next queue (see video), to continue racing.

NASCAR Race system for @Epicrobloxian888

This was a NASCAR Lap system, that records time, lap count, lap race, and so on. Made for a racing group, the “Leader” could chose which race, how many laps, and hold time speed laps. They also controlled what flags were to be displayed to their fellow racers (see video)

Coin Collecting System for @DreadPir8Rob

This is a system where you pick up spinning coins. Then, the coin teleports to a randomized location (the locations can be set beforehand, see video)

Custom Minigame Puzzle for @DreadPir8Rob

This is a system where you have to get the combination of wheels correct, in order to drain the water. If you fail, the water rises, killing you.

4 Custom Door Systems for @DreadPir8Rob

These are 4 custom door systems: A Boss door, a tool door, a normal door, and a secret door. The Boss Door is unlocked by bringing 4 crystals to it, the tool door is unlocked with a pre-specified tool, while the secret door is hidden unless carrying a pre-specified tool, at which point you can walk through it. (see video)

Custom Inventory System + tool Crafting for @DreadPir8Rob

This is a system where you have three slots - two normal slots and one weapon slot. You can drop tools, and can craft certain tools by adding the appropriate tools to the crafting table. (see video)

NPC Chase System + Boss Fight for @DreadPir8Rob

This is a system where NPCs chase you. When they catch you, you teleport into the “jail”. There is a boss fight, in which the boss can choose from several moves, and act accordingly. At half health, rocks fall down from the ceiling, blocking off certain paths. (see video)

Ghost system for @MatiasHarders

A ghost system, where you cannot see ghosts until you die, and become one of them. Once you die, you spawn over your body, and can see the other ghosts. After a bit, you respawn, and can no longer see the other player ghosts (see video)

NPC system for @Yokaial

An NPC Change system, where you can change the two NPCs to any ROBLOX profile, with either their id or name (ignore the guis, they were simply test guis, to be replaced with the client’s)

Night Vision Goggles (gamepass) for @MatiasHarders

Commissioned Jobs Above

Notable Games I Have Contributed To (Not My Own Games)

Anime Worlds Simulator [22+ Million Visits]
Club Penguin [37.1K+ Visits]
Llama Clickers [20.7K+ Visits]
Cursed [Coming Soon]
Ant Game [Coming Soon]

Plugins/Resources I've Developed

You can also find examples of my work on You Tube.

Client Feedback (Replies from previous Clients who have hired me)

What I ask of you

  • Clear communicating. I would like to know exactly what you need, and have a professional environment around it. If you are not satisfied, I need to know that, so I can change and improve.
  • The knowledge that I hate backing out of projects. However, I have the right to. If I lose contact for long periods of time, you are overly rude or disrespectful to me (or any other people), I simply do not have enough details to work off of, or it stops being worth my time, I may back out.
  • The knowledge that everything is done online, so miscommunication may occur. If some sort of mix-up does occur, please talk it out rationally, and with a clear head. Mistakes can happen.

I am available almost any time of week. Some days may be buisy, or unavailable due to life. I do not work Sundays.

For small tasks and systems, I can almost guarantee it being done within the same day. I’m most open during Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Prices are 100% negotiable. I prefer to be paid per asset/System, and only once we are both confident in the job.*Prices depend on the job, and the estimated time put in and difficulty.

  • I accept payment through group funds/gamepasses OR through Roblox Gift Cards, if group funds are not available. With gamepasses, there will be an added fee, to compensate for tax. I may request for hourly pay as well, depending on the systems.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, or through my Discord: Infinite_Visions#3159

The easiest in form of communications is through messaging on the Developer Forum, as it allows me to easily share photos/proof of my work along with code snippets. If you do send a friend request via Discord , please reply on this post so I know who you are.

Excited to work with you! :slight_smile:


hi! Do you happen to have discord?

I do have discord. You can find me here: Infinite_Visions#3159

If you do contact my through discord, please just reply on this topic with your name, so I know who you are.

Do you accept percent?

Thank You

Thank you very much for your work on my project, very professional and reliable. Recommended 100%

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Unfortunately, I do not accept percent. I do hourly pay, or payment once I am finished with my scripts. Thanks for the questions!

That skinks that you don’t do percent.

Really wanted to have you join our group and make multiple games togther.

If you change your mind tell me.

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I don’t do percent just for reliability, so I’m not months in without pay. I do understand it, though. You know where to find me!

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Completly understand. If you change your mind you know where to find me.

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Amazing service and very professional scripter! I will definately recommend him!

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Awesome work and attention to detail. Highly recommend!

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100% would recommend Infinite_Visions. He is super easy to work with, gets the work done fast + it is high quality, and he has very reasonable pricing. One of the best scripters I have worked with!

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@Infinite_Visions has made multiple games, which always impress. Although, I dont code, everything runs smoothly as planned. I’m not currently looking for a scripter, but, I 100 percent recommend.
Also, having multiple reviews that state nothing bad makes him even more reliable.

Fully recommend, food luck for your future projects.

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Please quote these and turn on dark mode. :dizzy_face:

Haha, probably should! Thanks for the advice!

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Working with Infinite_Visions was fast and easy, he did something in a few days that took other months to do or they gave up in the middle of it. He was professional to work with and wanted pay after the product was finish there was no down payments or anything. Would recommend this guy if your looking for someone to get some scripts done fast and easy.

I commissioned Infinite_Visions to work on some data loss issues I was experiencing, and he was able to quickly and efficiently identify and fix the issue.

We worked on several additional bugs together and in each case he provided quick communication, excellent work and, ultimately, solutions for the issues.

I highly recommend Infinite_Visions if you’re looking for someone to get the job done right.

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Infinite_visions did a great job on some scripts I needed on my tycoon game, Which included, a teleporter/elevator, dropper/conveyer and tool giver. Would recommend!

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Great scripter, recommend anyone to commission him.

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I have updated my portfolio with 10 new commissions, new UI, and a few new categories. Those categories include: Games I have contributed to (not my own), and a plugins section, to house my plugins. This is in an effort to expand my skill and reputation. Thanks!

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