Tips for a Beginning Builder

Hello everyone! I’m Flower, and I’m just starting to work on Roblox Studio. I really want to try out new things with the program and build some cool stuff, so I would like to know some tips before starting and trying new things. I have made some small homestores so far (nothing special) but I want to try making new things and experimenting with some new techniques.

Feel free to let me know for any tips you guys have on building, along with some YouTubers that are great with tutorials and other miscellaneous things as well. I really want to learn more and try to do some great things as well, but I want to start off with some advice.


Something that I’ve found helpful for aligning is to make the movement unit 0 studs by unchecking the box, then turning Collisions on, then using the move tool.

If you find yourself struggling with Studio’s building tools, F3X has a great plugin. It costs 25 robux if I remember correctly, but it works wonders, especially for those who are newer to building in Studio.


Alright, thank you! I did turn unit studs to zero and it helped out a lot. I’m getting used to the building tools on Studio but I’ll check out F3X if it gets a little too hard. Thanks for the advice!

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What exactly does this plugin do?

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It has alternate controls to the default Studio, and it’s a lot simpler as well, making it more user-friendly. I’ve always used Studio’s controls, so I would have a hard time switching, so I don’t use them, although I would reccomend.

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One thing that I have noticed is that people use many different textures that are not in the studio, do they use custom decals?

Textures are way better than decals, because decals stretch while textures tile and are a bit more customizable.

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And if you want decent pattern textures you can make them on your built in pc paint program (like mc paint) then just make them slightly transparent ingame.

Mixing pattern semi-transparent textures with roblox materials can look really nice.

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F3X building tools are free and really great to use. In addition to the standard building tools, you can use snap scaling. So, you press and hold the keybind, and you can drag parts together for precise builds. Even better than free sliding. Same with scale, you can scale two parts together easily. F3X is definitely amazing.

As mentioned plugins are useful tools that you could use to create things more easier, that being said; consider to use inspiration look up a few reference images on the things your creating.

That way you will have something by your side to spot those proper details, exploring and messing around studio including it’s tools - plugins is a way to find new things try getting into learning alternative programs such as Blender to create complex builds.

When getting tips and information it’s always good to develop something you enjoy doing or something you like. You will need to learn how to experiment with different things, including finding your own style and theme something you feel comfortable doing, if you find something keep developing in that workflow process.

You just need to start building as that’s a way you will find different techniques and information overtime everyone has there own approach when it comes to finding new things. Here is a thread that includes useful information/ tips.

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My suggestion is,
Ik this is an obvious thing, BUT even after knowing such a simple thing like this, new builders tend to forget this and at the end, some sort of problem arises and your whole work gets yeeted in the void.

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So @fIxwergirI, what I would recommend you to do is watch a couple ROBLOX Studio tutorials. Parts are one of the most basic objects you can get in ROBLOX Studio, so I would definitely start with those. Be sure to check out the Move, Rotate & Size tools as they will be your best friends. Anchor is also important. After you get the hang of that, check out the Union, Negate & Separate section under the Model tab at the top of your ROBLOX Studio bar.


I don’t consider myself a professional in building, but I have gotten far from where I have started. Here’s what I did:

  • No tutorials
    It’s okay to use tutorials if you’re struggling with certain tools in Roblox Studio, but I found that if you look up specific building tutorials, eventually you will rely on them. Then again, everyone learns differently, so if you found that you can’t get started without them, then feel free to use them!

  • Use references.
    Especially when you first start out, references are extremely helpful. Pick a few studio builds, or real-life buildings and try and replicate them.

  • Go out of your comfort zone.
    When I first started out, I told myself that I would only build realism. This continued for a few months until I decided to try out Low-poly, and discovered I enjoyed that much more than realism. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Again, I don’t really consider myself a professional, but this is how I was able to get started. Good luck on your journey! :slightly_smiling_face: