Tips for making a good horror game?

Im planning to make a horror game and i don’t really know how to make a good horror game so i hope you have tips for me! Thx!!


Could you add some detail about what exactly your game is gonna be about?

Also, this topic would go in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.

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It’s like any other horror game with Jumpscare and stuff.

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Use cutscenes. Audio sounds. Building a broken or messy house. Make it very dark. And add your own twist!

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Things to add:

  • Dark setting
  • Abandoned place
  • Spooky monster
  • Sound effects
  • Good lighting

Oh yea good lighting i almost forgot about it.

A Horror game must have this(In my opinion):

  • Dark Setting
  • An Antagonist
  • Good Lighting
  • And the most important of all, a plot.

Not many people are scared by basic horror, but you need jumpscares, (With a trigger warning), add flashes and sudden jumpscared and it scares your soul out of ya!

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The best roblox horror games have a story, the game play should emphasize the story and build onto its themes. Lets say the game is about a wastelander attempting to find shelter in a place that’s full of monsters, adding on something like hunger builds on the theme of being a wastelander, toxic rain emphasizes the need for shelter so on and so forth.

Also you want the players mind to be as over active as possible so they are thinking. Add hints to there being a larger monster, add hints to there being something just around the corner. Also try to have puzzles in the game to get their brain ready and active to look at things they wouldn’t normally notice.

Another thing to note is dread, once a players mind is active, you can get them to dread what’s coming up next. for example adding in things that they hold value too, such as cute toys or npc’s which the player will grow attached too, then, build up to a scene in which you can take them away and make sure the player knows that it’s coming. This will leave them dreading the future, knowing it will happen but not knowing when

Another thing you can do to scare the player is a quick switch, by quickly ramping up the intensity you can trigger a flight or fight response. Have chill moments in your game so the player will lower their guard, from there you can either slowly build up which will set the players exceptions, or randomly quickly begin to ramp up the intensity. The latter becomes far more effective if you’ve done the former multiple times before.

Jumpscares are not necessary in the slightest, they are the least scary part of any horror good horror game and if they are the most scary part of yours your doing something wrong. Darkness also isn’t necessary for a horror game.

Remember the best horror gives the players time to think, time to build up the monster in their heads.

More information

Good roblox horror games to check out

Good build up to things, some parts made me scared

lingering fear of there being a monster near by.

Chill, leaves you time to think, quickly flips its head and freaks you out.

The best roblox horror game by far.


Wow! Thank you so much man will check those!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Minimize the use of jumpscares. They’re cheesy and often leave your users unimpressed. Rather, through the use of clever visual codes and queues, you can provide an eerie and uneasy feeling in your game. Things such as subtle inconsistencies and changes, auditory embeds, restriction of sight (fog or darkness, but don’t overdo it). An example of a game that perfectly executes the subtle changes in the game is ‘P.T’. Though it’s a unique concept and perhaps not what your game is about, it’s an accurate representation of how you can inflict fear without explicitly forcing them to be fearful (jumpscares).

Another tip I can recommend is a method I like to call ‘Build & Break’. How it works is building the confidence and comfortability in the user, then at any given moment, you completely shatter that confidence and leave them in a state of vulnerability.


An example: Picture this, you’re in your bedroom ready to go to sleep, it’s quiet, peaceful, and calming. A minute goes by and you’re sat there in a state of utter silence. When you least expect it, an audible tapping on the window occurs and a figure moves out of frame from where you just saw it.

What this does is it allows the user to feel comfortable in where they are at then removing the only place where they felt calm. No jumpscares, no loud noises, no close-ups, just pure uneasiness.

Similarly, another point I could make is to have the setting in an area where most people are the most comfortable in, and have that as your main location point. This is why some people find clowns scary. We are so accustomed to the fun, joyful, and bubbly figures of our childhood that when made scary, it is so unbelievably horrifying.

Brief consensus and summary:

  • No jumpscares (if possible, the loud and obnoxious ones)
  • Let their guard down, then strike
  • Subtle changes/noises
  • Atmosphere
  • The right setting

It’s also worth noting, the storyline is vital to a successful horror game.


Noted! This is appreciated tip man. My friend is really right “Sound can make the game much scarier”.


I think what makes a good horror game is the ‘sense of being in danger’ or ‘something bad is gonna happen at any moment’ but its really nothing at all, take for example the game ‘anxiety’, it has no ghosts whatsoever, but oh boy it’s scary.
Next comes good and fitting audio. Heartbeat, breathing, creaking floor, etc.

And random events. If its based inside a house then why not randomly open and close doors sometimes?

Also reduce walkspeed for the player and add material sounds when you walk on them.

Finally, don’t be too cliche, think of something new.

(Someone probably already said these, but I didnt read any of the other replies)


To complement, what makes the horror game good is the atmosphere, always an atmosphere where you feel outside of a safe place and more than comfortable makes you want to get out of there. That in my opinion.


This is perfect! Thankyou so much!

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You may want to consider checking out this already discussed thread, which includes a bunch of information on proper ways to make a good horror game, and what is needed to introduce to the gameplay.

Common elements includes (suspense, atmosphere, ambiance) horror games way more since your looking into making a good horror, they have to implement a good gameplay that makes fun and scary if put together correctly. Try researching and reading up on some article threads on ways to make a horror game and what’s needed.

You can see there are many ways to make a good horror game, jump scares are a go to option but will need to be placed throughout the gameplay in many locations of the game instead of having that as the main source. Refer;


One thing I think is important is to make the player feel powerless. Make the controls hard to use for example or make it so that the player can hear the enemy approach and not be able to see. this creates tension.

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Jumpscares. Jumpscares are so sudden and scary.

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