Tips for ui design?

Tips for UI Design?

Hello, I’m @CodedJer / Jeremy I’m attempting to upgrade my UI Designing Skills but I need some tips since my UI is kinda trash, here is some examples of my UI:

And I have more that use the same style as the ones above, do you guys have any tips?

Note 1: Sorry if this is in the wrong category, if it is please tell me what category i should put it in before flagging

Note 2: Please, do not just talk about the ban, appeal guis i need general tips


please put this in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback other then that its a really good UI tbh except why are the icons streching?


My scaling sucks lol thats why its stretching

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just set the images streach type property to fit

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Kk, thanks you for the feedback :smiley:

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Cool but did you realize it can be exploitable by removing the GUI ?

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Try using rounded borders, you can also add a backround with some pattern

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It probably can’t, he probably put the ban script on the server

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yes but the exploiter can destroy the GUI.

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Hmm, thanks for the idea thoe I don’t quite like round corners.

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Oh yeah also make the buttons a bit smaller. It’s so big

  1. Its only for ui example
  2. No, if i script it correctly + the kick will be on server after a couple of seconds.
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fair I guess, so here’s my feedback.

The ban GUI has huge text, looks too unprofessional, try making it smaller and remove the “BANNED” text, or replace it with a white text saying “You are banned from this game” etc.

change the font, it dosent fit the theme

Thanks for the feedback! might do that.

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I’ll send an image for an good example, but that will be later

The GUI is on the client but he can put the ban script itself on the server


he already said that, and he can also just clone the GUI to the player in server

The ban script should just delete the player’s character

It should actually just kick them as exploiters can anyways do game.Players.LocalPlayer:Load character()

The OP already said it will kick the player after a few seconds so the exploiter can see the GUI.

Please dont make this go off topic!

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