Tips on creating large scale terrain maps


Hi! i’m working with smooth terrain on a very large scale, and i’m trying to do things like make smooth slopes and whatnot. but the process for even making small hills takes sooooo long

is there any way to make a large decent looking terrain by hand that doesn’t take the entire day?
the exact dimensions i’m working within is 4096 x 4096. and it has to be smooth enough for vehicles to drive on quickly…

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You could try a plugin, but this is #development-support:scripting-support, which is the wrong category. Consider moving this post to a different category.

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sorry, i though i selected the right subsection. thanks for the correction!

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Here’s a tip which you can go to this since if you scroll down on this thread you can find information how you should hollow out parts of terrain which is not needed. Building Optimisation | Tips and tricks!


There are two plugins I use that you might find helpful:

There is Build v4, in which there are some tools for smooth terrain. My favorite is the one where you can easily make small hills with different shape options.

Another plugin I can use sometimes is Part to Terrain where you can simply convert parts to smooth terrain. So if you need a specific shape, it can be useful to arrange the parts and then convert them.

You should definitely check those out! :grinning:


I tend to use this plugin for mountain creation (more of a port of one of the old terrain tools). Only issue is that the mountains are blocky but I much prefer that opposed to hand crafting an entire mountain.


Make sure that you grow grass for everything then paint over it. This is because grass renders faster. Make sure to add dirt in places to give a more realistic effect. Play around with material settings to get your desired outcome. Also just copy and paste a huge grass block and sculpt it. The more effort and time you put in;the better the outcome.

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Cool! I didn’t know that. But how does that work? Wouldn’t the time you save by making it grass be lost with the computer following the painting over? Correct me if I’m wrong- I know very little about smooth terrain.