Tips on Optimization?


So I’m currently working on a remake map for my Rp Group. One of the main reasons I’m having to rebuild this is because in the first version I wasn’t worried about lag at all, and now it almost crashes my Laptop just to open it in Studio, not along to go play it with 20-30 people. So, going into this next map, I knew that I wanted to focus more on optimization and reducing lag where possible even though I’ve never tried anything like that before. As you can see in the game, the map is going to be very large and hopefully very detailed. All I have is a park, one building, and the road layouts and it’s already at around 5500 parts. If you could just take a look at it and give me any tips you know for optimization it would be very much appreciated.

(Note, I know that the map has some rough edges around it, that’s why it’s a Work in Progress. If you want to leave feedback on some aspect feel free but most areas I probably already know about.)


I did see that post and read it, but I was hoping I could get feedback more for my specific game instead of general guidelines. That’s why I opened it up from group-only instead of just putting some pictures up.


A suggestion for in-game lag: Use StreamingEnabled. This way, you can have relatively high-quality builds work smoothly on low-end devices.

Caveat to this is that it doesn’t actually answer your question: it doesn’t optimize your builds at all. StreamingEnabled only loads, in-game, the relevant amount of land needed at a time to the client to reduce lag. Also, it gives the scripter a bit more work.

I hope you find methods to optimize your builds!

(Also, the new Level of Detail feature can help reduce in-game lag as well.)

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Not too bad so far. I love the park and the buildings detail but one thing I noticed in the park was this:

Idk if it purposely wasn’t connected up or not but in my opinion, it doesn’t look to great.


I had unions there and the files were corrupted. I just haven’t redone them yet.


ok. thank you for clarifying. I need to add space or I cant post this.


It seems that currently most of your instances are going towards the trees. As long as your tree models are all the same (parts are not resized, colors are the same, etc.) then the data of those trees will be stored together in memory from what I’ve heard. This means they take up less memory and since they’re stored together, it should also boost rendering performance as the objects can be drawn at once. So keep this in mind; reuse assets instead of making slightly differing assets each time.

Other than that it’s a bit early to say what to watch out for given that there’s not much in the map, but one last detail I would like to add is that you should be careful with using meshes and textures from the catalog. Those meshes and objects are often very inefficient, with textures sometimes having insane resolutions and meshes having way too many triangles. When in doubt, export a mesh and investigate it in a program like Blender.