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Smooth animation is the key to movie’s, games etc.
Before I teach you what smooth animation is, I would like you to learn some basic tips. So in animation you need to understand what you are making, take a video of yourself on what you are doing (or some else do it). For example this animator took some to film himself (skip to 1:14) Spring - Blender Open Movie Showreel - YouTube.

Second thing second what type of game are looking for realistic like fifa or like murder mystery simple animation. I would recommend using r6 (r8 if you know how to rig it). Third thing third is that know what speed your animation is if your speed or frames is too slow it impacts the animation. To to visualize it here is animation in different frame robloxapp-20210205-1601396 (45 Frames) vs robloxapp-20210205-1603404(30 frame). See the difference speed is key to some animation mostly animation fighting. Last thing before teaching you how to make smooth animation we want to tell animation could rough and can good for the scene. For example it can look like this 3D animation test - rough animation - "Lenny" animation. - YouTube. So let’s begin on the rule’s of smooth animation.

  1. Rule number one, so whenever you go outside and look at the sun or the stars you don’t look down instantaneously you look calmly but, in some animation you must look down instantaneously. That is nice but how do we make that? Well to do that we need to copy the animation(left click on the mouse on the event) and paste it (left click on second you want such as :21 and you should see a paste icon) one the second we want it like the player head goes up :40 and the player head would come down :60

  2. Second rule second to make the animation change after a bit this only apply for certain animation such as running, climbing or sometimes kicking. What I mean is that animation on any platform needs to change a bit. For example if you were making an idle animation you need to make it so the player can’t figure out the animation loop to make it realistic. The longer the animation the better. If you can make a 2 minute long animation the player won’t know when it will restart.

  3. This isn’t a rule but I think it the most important never give up and to make something unique that your player base will love and keep on animating :slight_smile:

Sometimes animation is hard to think of?

Sometimes you have to think out side of box see in primly use r6 and it is hard to thing of good animation idea’s . For instance game’s such as kung fu game. You need to make a good idea not like the 360 kick everyone use’s. Let say the master does a fake kick over the head and does a 360 but instead of doing the boring 360 he slides down and hit the opponent feet. Thought this may the best of idea’s but, it help you paint a picture in your head on how the fight should go.

So to help you out on your animation, let make a very epic fighting animation we are going to use all the tip showed above. Since i’m not Zhang Sanfeng we going to see fight on yt (btw I not going to use 2 characters cause we need a plugin call moon animation).
Did see how smooth it was? Here is link to animation try to mess with it and I understand how my video frame’s where bad. Here is link to it it free Untitled Animation Clip - Roblox (Btw don’t see in roblox put in Roblox Studio) .Which tip I used most and how unique it is. I hope this hade help you and as always keep animating.

Dm me on discord or devforum for help or typo :smiley:


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You should use a cloud video service like youtube (if the file is too big) or upload a different video file type. WMV files require you to download the video to view them, and you cant even view them on all devices. I recommend you change it for an mp4 so it also can be embedded into your post. We cant even view your videos as it redirects to an invalid page.

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There are many programs which allow you to record. Some computers come with built in recorders (mac - quick time player, windows - capture recorder, dunno about linux). You can also use sharex or obs. Both are free and open source.

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Please can you upload a picture about your animation?


I add them need any help ask on devForum :slight_smile:

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