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Hello! I’m tkirax (formerly known as KxraDraws!) I am a 25 year old developer on the Roblox Platform! I’ve been building for a little over 6 years, drawing for most of my life but professionally about 5 years and 3D Modeling for a year now!

Below you can find a showcase/portfolio of some of my favorite work!

Personal Artwork

For Me!

Commissioned Work

(You can find more information about my artwork here: Art Commissions & Examples

Profile Pictures & Banners

Game Art

UI Work

UGC Concepts

I do have some UGC things for sale you can buy them here and here !

Scenery & Other Models

Tiny House Project

"Saline" Shed Model

"Redline" Tiny House Model


Simulator Game Assets

Other Screenshots

Finished Games


✨ Tower of Bliss ✨ - Roblox
❄️ True Colors: Central Park ❄️ - Roblox
Save Tom the Turkey🦃! Obby - Roblox
🎃 Haunted House Tycoon 👻 - Roblox
Kay's Library Version 2 - Roblox


My availability depends on what’s needed! Please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Pricing is negotiable! If you’re interested in any of my work, illustrations or 3d work, please either contact me through the forums OR on discord for building/3dmodeling commissions please DM me for pricing!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, via Discord; tkirax#8775, or twitter

Thanks for reading! :+1:t6:


I love your builds so much! They’re so fun, colorful, cartoony! Which makes sense because it’s very reminiscent of your art style haha! Great work! :smiley:


Currently working on a Tiny House Project so I’ll be updating my portfolio often!

In what way should- do you believe- should I address criticism? I never reply to that information because I believe people have a right to say and express what they believe and how they feel on this public forum. I feel as if though me chiming in and trying to persuade everyone that it (what is being said) isn’t correct or that what they believe isn’t what people who criticize my work is saying, then that takes away from them expressing how they feel.

If someone reads those comments and truly wants to work with me, they can address them in DMs anytime and I will talk of the situation. I just don’t speak in the forums of this topic because I like to remain professional, and let everyone give their opinions on my work & behavior depending on what they have and haven’t experieneced.

If that’s alright, with you and with everyone reading this post I hope people will understand this and come to me in the future for more information.

Thank you for your comment, have a good one!

Your builds are awesome! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

This is amazing, when I get more group funds I will definitely be hiring you, or I would like us to collaborate on a game together :slight_smile:

I would like to buy this from you please :slight_smile:

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Hello! Please DM me on discord and we can discuss the purchase of that build further! kira#2066

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Adding new commission examples soon! I’m currently looking for work as well!

Actively lookin’ for build work! Very cheap!

Still actively lookin’ for build work!

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Updated with a recent project!

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You are really talented and professional at arts and modelling. Awesome works!

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