tNametag | A nametag to prevent impersonation with display names

This can break and make the nametag system COMPLETELY die.
Use v2

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Since people are saying that impersonation will be an issue with the display names update, I made this!

It updates display names after reset if changed mid game so if people wanted to change it mid game they can!
It hides from the player and only shows for other players like normal name tags do

Here is a demo game: IRC_Bot's Place Number: nil - Roblox

Here is the installer plugin: tNametag - Roblox

I am still fixing bugs with stuff like long usernames


For some reason it takes a while join your demo game, can you check if there are any errors that prevent it from loading fast?

Also, there is nothing in the demo game, once you load in.

The displayname vulnerability has long been patched. This resource is unnecessary.


I mean for the new update that allows you to change it. Not the vulnerability i forgot ever happened

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You need to be closer to the player. I will change the distance
It also hides itself to the player