"Toggle UI Visibility" button gets added to "Undo" history in the same group as the next change

Reproduction Steps

  • Open Roblox Studio
  • Toggle “UI Visibility” from the view tab
  • Insert a part into workspace
  • Undo the previous action (Ctrl + Z)


Expected Behavior

The part should get removed but the UI Visibility status should remain. (Usually changes made in the View tab are not added to Undo history at all, so it is odd in the first place that pressing Undo can even affect this value.)

Actual Behavior

UI visibility reverts to its previous state and the created part is deleted.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
First Experienced: When the original UI visibility toggle was removed


Another bit of info for this bug - the UI Visibility toggle does not change state when the visibility setting is undone. This also occurs when you use Redo to restore UI Visibility. Basically, it’s possible for the UI Visibility button to not accurately reflect the actual status of the setting.

Video attached.

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Thanks for your report! We have filed a ticket into our internal database and will follow up here when this has been resolved.


this is still a problem today.

additionally, here’s a related older bug report from 2020: Undo/Redo unexpectedly effects UI Visibility toggle button

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