Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

@AYMGAMER, I know but it isn’t up to me or anyone else. That is the terms and agreements of purchasing the sounds.

@SimplyCube As I mentioned before, it also states in the linked post: “each developer must purchase their own Sound Design Kit in order to have any of those sounds in the game.”

I am not blaming you I understand your just here to tell us. But for roblox to take this step, it just ruins many roblox devs.


I cant believe you are taking away the Oof sound!!! Why dont you remake one that sounds the same??


Yeah, it’s going to be sad to see the Oof sound go.


Also for this “ultimate pack” If you are here to make like a very accurate fps shooter with like all the correct sounds of the weapons, does this “ultimate pack” have this? cuz I highly doubt this guy having every sound of guns.

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I don’t even care that this sound is going. I’ve played on Roblox for a decade, 9 years of which I’ve spent developing. A sound getting removed is the least of my concerns.

I’m getting tired of the disrespect being shown to the developer community on a consistent basis. From updates with no communication prior to them being made, consistent outages of services and specialised treatment towards certain groups. I can’t accept this garbage anymore.

I have this category on tracking because I’m interested in platform progress and the last thing I want to see is an advertisement, much less for a person who has utterly disrespected our community. There’s better ways to use money.

And I’ll be damned if I can’t flag this “announcement”.


It feels so gross that Roblox would create a business deal with someone who dragged us all around through the mud, only to throw it at our faces as something important and worth knowing about and reading.


Will “Oof!” still be available to use or will it be entirely gone?

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You will be needed to buy the oof sound for $10 USD with other sounds. It will be replaced by community made. I hope that clears stuff for you.

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It won’t be entirely gone, you will be able to change the death sound using scripts.
you just need the sound

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I saw that on tommy’s post ( twitter )
but i also saw an image saying that you need to pay 10 Dollars to get it ( on tommy’s site )

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So this is what’s been going on in the shadows for 10 months?

I understand the need to remove the sound, and I appreciate the fact that Tommy is allowing us to use some of his sounds. 10 dollars for 100 sounds is a pretty good deal. However…

Couldn’t something be done so I don’t have to pay more to upload? This part of the deal seems like a scummy cash grab, and I don’t appreciate that.

Also, could we get more on the whole copyright issue? The one Tommy had seemed to be forged.

And finally, what’s going to replace it? Something like Ouch.wav could be cool, but if it’s going to be one of those kids in that contest thing… I don’t know…


Is anyone else having the same issue as me? I went to recheck the sound effects on the website and it doesn’t show them anymore or even give me the option to buy them.

It just has “Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kits” and then the ToS at the bottom.

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Is or possibly blocked on your network somewhere?
((Edit: Don’t click those links, I didn’t intend for them to be clickable))

It shouldn’t be, I was just on the website a few hours ago and it gave me to the options to buy them.

I can still see the buy link

Edit: I like the fact tommy hasn’t even used embeds properly and forced a fixed size, so that people on phones or those who use website zooming plugins can’t actually press the buy buttons


The idea is great, but the execution seems terrible. I have to download and upload all the sounds myself? Why don’t we have a system for building sound libraries and distributing them in a way that would be easy to manage and make sense?

If Roblox plans on hiring professional sound designers (which I highly support) I want to see an easier way of purchasing and utilizing said libraries. The ability to browse by library and a new asset ID format to support the distribution and authorization of said sounds would be a great improvement.


Upon reading a lot of these comments, it appears a lot of you do not like this update, but please remember this was likely an agreement made, so take it with a grain of salt, but don’t outright call it out as Roblox might not have had a full say in this decision.

If you want to, buy his sounds for your games. If not, that’s okay too. The main point here though is that the “OOF” sound will be removed by the end of the month and that developers will have to either buy the Basic pack from Tommy or spend 100 Robux to have access to the sound when the new marketplace goes live. So while this isn’t per-say a “dev” announcement, its still information on a long-going battle between Tommy and Roblox that was finally settled out-of court.

Granted, from my perspective, I still don’t see the point in buying these sounds when there’s still a marketplace fee, especially for uploading so many sounds!! and (not-really) a bulk-upload for sounds, spending a long time to upload even just 50 sounds! Yikes!


Odd, it works on other browsers now but not on Chrome which is what I mainly use. May just need an update for chrome, never know.

So lemme get this straight, to use these sounds, you need to first buy it off of his website, then spend MORE MOENY to even make it work on roblox. THEN I am able to use it. Nice. Very nice.