Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

They probably knew more people check the Forum out over the Blog so they posted it here when it obviously belongs in the Blog.


I have no doubt this was part of an agreement they probably settled on in or out of court.

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Yeah, I agree. It’s pretty sad too. Like they can’t just buy the rights to the oof sound? Hmm… Where is that money going then Roblox?

Some devs have a tight budget and need actual good sounds. And all they get for $10 dollars is 1/10 of what they need to make their dream game. Congrats Roblox.

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That makes sense, along with why they removed “Oof”.

I just love how the guy who was killing Roblox months ago is now a “Proud Partner!” :joy:


Fr dude, he’s just condescending and it’s all over his forehead. Like a massive stamp that just says “STAY AWAY”

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A company with over millions can’t just buy the rights and get this over with?

man it aint that simple its just the fact they used it for so long without having the rights in the first place

That’s why he wants compensation, and he won’t stop until he gets it.

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Im confused. Does this mean we will have new audio to use for game over SFX, or do we need to pay to get a basic game over sound? Considering it’s called the “Developer Marketplace”, i’m assuming you’d need to pay, but please clarify me if I’m wrong

Frankly, it annoys me to see this. I thought this was the announcements category and not an advertisement section. Although I respect trying to chase the bag and what not, I think that you guys should respect the people who read the devforum more. This comes off as disrespectful to me since you’re blatantly advertising someone in a section that people follow to get the latest news about your engine and the overall state of the site; ex
That is very helpful and it’s one of the reasons I even look through announcements
Final Notes
Honestly I feel rather hurt about this whole article.
You’re seemingly putting a paywall on one of the most iconic aspects of your games. When people think of “oof”, they think of roblox. And now you’re replacing it behind a paywall by Tommy?
I don’t like the idea one bit and I doubt the majority of the community does too
In my opinion, replacing the death sound should be up to developers. That’s just my opinion and it makes sense.
Regardless, roblox has done some good things and some bad things, but I believe replacing the oof sound will definitely be the latter.


He probably wouldn’t settle with just them buying the rights, I have a feeling that they had to come to some sort of agreement. (Aka: he wanted his product advertised for more money.)

As I’ve stated before, I am upset with this advertisement and the upcoming ‘Oof’ sound effect removal, but as I continue to read, I feel like some people, ( Including myself ) misunderstood this sentence. I’m still seeing a lot of “we will have to pay twice” comments and I think what this sentence above is saying that it may possibly be like the Plug-in market place. I’d assume if you buy it from the website or the new Developer Marketplace, you would have to only buy it once as it would just upload to your account ( like plug-ins ). This still does not elimate the stealing factor though.

If you saying that stealing game art is OK then I severely suggest you rethink. I don’t want people stealing my builds, and then somehow thinking they’re entitled to use it because they made it iconic.

It doesn’t matter if you made it iconic or not, roblox using it was wrong in the first place.

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That’s called “selfish” imo but forcing millions to buy it for $10 is just over the top.

lots of people dev for fun on roblox not expecting to make profit - now we need to pay for sound effects,a big part of roblox development.

They have to replace the oof sound because they just simply do not have the rights to it, it’s dead simple.
They’re also probably compensating for using it without rights for so long by promoting tommy

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And i qoute: “We would hate to have an issue with your account”. - From the video.

Is it just me or does this sound extremely condescending and somewhat threatening? A few months ago this man was calling talking trash about the platform he now so valiantly supports, what the hell happened?



This is a trap. Either buy overpriced not-good-quality effects from Roblox, or buy a composing software and work yourself to death making your own effects.

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Am I able to include these in my models and sell them?

exactly. Some games that take lots of hard work just flop and does not do good. And now I have to pay for sounds THEN flop? That’s just completely messed up.