Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

I can still see the buy link

Edit: I like the fact tommy hasn’t even used embeds properly and forced a fixed size, so that people on phones or those who use website zooming plugins can’t actually press the buy buttons


The idea is great, but the execution seems terrible. I have to download and upload all the sounds myself? Why don’t we have a system for building sound libraries and distributing them in a way that would be easy to manage and make sense?

If Roblox plans on hiring professional sound designers (which I highly support) I want to see an easier way of purchasing and utilizing said libraries. The ability to browse by library and a new asset ID format to support the distribution and authorization of said sounds would be a great improvement.


Upon reading a lot of these comments, it appears a lot of you do not like this update, but please remember this was likely an agreement made, so take it with a grain of salt, but don’t outright call it out as Roblox might not have had a full say in this decision.

If you want to, buy his sounds for your games. If not, that’s okay too. The main point here though is that the “OOF” sound will be removed by the end of the month and that developers will have to either buy the Basic pack from Tommy or spend 100 Robux to have access to the sound when the new marketplace goes live. So while this isn’t per-say a “dev” announcement, its still information on a long-going battle between Tommy and Roblox that was finally settled out-of court.

Granted, from my perspective, I still don’t see the point in buying these sounds when there’s still a marketplace fee, especially for uploading so many sounds!! and (not-really) a bulk-upload for sounds, spending a long time to upload even just 50 sounds! Yikes!


Odd, it works on other browsers now but not on Chrome which is what I mainly use. May just need an update for chrome, never know.

So lemme get this straight, to use these sounds, you need to first buy it off of his website, then spend MORE MOENY to even make it work on roblox. THEN I am able to use it. Nice. Very nice.

That’s what really bothers me the most in this regard. Especially considering the fact there was this post earlier in the week requesting that Roblox should better engage with and inform it’s community of Developers when it comes to updates.

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Regarding the “fee”, I made a post earlier about it that might explain it.

I agree, there is no point in buying the sounds. I know this battle has been going on for a while. I just hope things go well, I’ll keep an open mind and see what happens. Personally I do not like the update myself but it is an agreement they came to so it is to be taken with a grain of salt. Especially since the agreement can still change. It’s yet to be seen whether it will or not but I’m just going to hold out to see where this goes.


If we are to be believing the VentureBeat articles that have coincided with this fiasco, the oof sound will supposedly be readded after being completely removed for a month and will return with a 100 Robux fee, basically a dollar for Tommy per purchase. If this is the case, I’m not sure why Roblox wouldn’t cover themselves by letting this be known other than through a third party news source. That seems to be what’s causing most of the commotion here.

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This is likely the conclusion to the agreement and the rest is going to unfold by the end of the month. The decision is whether you want to re-implement the iconic “oof” sound into your games for 100 Robux, which (from what I think) most devs will.


Yeah, that’s how I’m taking things too. And I do plan on re-implementing the sounds myself.

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Yeah, and there’s a lot of confusion around it too. Hopefully once this actually starts happening things get more cleared up.

Honestly, $10 for 100 sounds is 10 cents a sound. I’d say this should probably be 1 cent (or 1 Robux for that matter) per sound since it’s literally a door shut, or oof, or pop, like seriously? We’re not made of money to buy overpriced sound FX.

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@0Shank and @Isocortex , allow me to clarify what I meant when I said that I have no intention of giving Tommy Tallarico a cent of my money.

I am not denying that Tommy owns his intellectual property, or that he has a right to be financially compensated. I am, however, disappointed that Roblox and Tommy worked out a deal that’s at the expense of the very developers that made both of them successful.

It’s not even about the sound effect itself, I’d gladly accept not having the sound in my games if the only alternative is grabbing my wallet to give Tommy my money. It’s about how disrespectful this is. That’s why I want to stress that it’s solely because of the developers that the “oof” sound has any value in the first place. Why would I pay $10 for a 0.3 second sound effect that was made before I was born? Why is that sound effect worth paying for in the first place? Because developers on Roblox made it worth paying for. That’s why it feels so disrespectful that the financial burden was pushed onto us.


I get why this is happening (because of settlement/legal factors) but it doesn’t really dial back my annoyance of why this on a category that is meant to be updates for developers, not advertisements.

What is going on with Roblox? They’ve been flopping these past months :confused:

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Roblox will prob make it so that those sound ids can’t be used in games that the owner doesn’t have dev access to. I also think it’s in the announcements category as it’s technically an announcement about the upcoming removal of the oof sound

In my opinion, they will use another thing to stop “pirate” sounds to be uploaded, they’ll use a bot which will see if your audio is exactly like paid audios, if so, they will 3 days ban you and then delete your sound

Upload the audio files in the My Creations tab (all files are in .ogg format).

isn’t this just an ad to get Tommy more exposure? there’s nothing we get out of this that we wouldn’t get out of any other sound pack, some potentially better than his. the bare MINIMUM would be not having to pay for the sound effect upload, since they’re already part of a pack that’s verified to not have anything copyrighted (given you own it)

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It’s not uploading, it’s using the sound id in a random game would be the issue that I mentioned above

This sucks, the ‘OOF’ noise was the classic death sound most of us loved.

Oh, look. We can buy it back? a classic part of Roblox culture is now up for sale?

It’s funny how the actual value of the sound effect is worthless and yet if we want to use it we now have to pay a fee, along with buying 99 other sounds that I for one won’t ever use.

When I first saw this thread, I was hoping that there would at least be one upside to it.
I was severely disappointed.

Besides, what’s going to replace the OOF noise?
(If an answer was said, could someone please quote said post?)