Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

So are you telling me that thanks to Tommy Tallarico the most iconic Roblox sound will be replaced and they will force us to buy it, and we should be happy? Not even mentioning what he said not long ago about Roblox and its developers?


Couldnt of you guys just say “Hey, Can we just keep the oof sound but make it some people can buy your NEW audio so we can still make these players fine?”

Also your replying to the oof drama I still remember and it took you guys almost a YEAR to say we will remove it? Like ya could of just said we might take a while.

I’m not going to care much. Its tommy he is grown why should anyone care? This is a little good update but why. could of got a better response and reply on time…

.*Lets see people get mad on my opion.

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I think this update is stupid because why would we pay for sound packs when we can just find ones on Roblox library or can upload sounds ourselves for cheaper?

I also think that sound pack’s prices are expensive.

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The prices aren’t expensive but uploading them would be. 10k effects for $250 is an amazing deal but then you realize you have to upload them all to Roblox.


Honestly this is a huge slap in the face to everyone and its the most out of touch course of action that could of been made. It doesn’t surprise me if the people working on the deal expected everyone to be happy with it.


What’s stopping people from
-reuploading the soundpacks to a torrent website
-downloading the soundpacks from said torrent website
-uploading the torrented files to roblox, complete with the digital watermark. they didn’t pay for the soundpacks and roblox wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between someone who paid and someone who pirated.
A solution for this issue may be to make you purchase the sounds on the roblox website, then let you use the sound IDs in a game instead of making you purchase the sounds on Tallarico’s website, then uploading to roblox.


I’m %100 sure that the sounds will be leaked so fast. For cheaper or even for free :roll_eyes:


Bacons aren’t gone. They just added a new avatar if you decide not to pick a gender. Also, R6 isn’t going anywhere. Unlike the Oof sound, ROBLOX “owns” (not really because you can’t copyright 6 joined avatars) R6.

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If your needing high quality SFX for your games I would actually suggest buying one of his kits. His SFX are very high quality and worth every dollar. (Way cheaper than what some composers charge)

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I believe it is because it is to do with Roblox development (sounds that you can only use in Roblox games.) were else would it be put if not here?


Also realize that as per the license, those sounds that you purchase are exclusively for use on Roblox. You may have 10k effects, but you can’t use them outside the platform.


I’ve uploaded like 10 different versions of the oof sound to Roblox. I spent robux on each of them, and now they’re going to be removed??

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Change the name of it so it won’t show up in a search for “oof”

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Those complaining with vague reasons should not post in first place, it’s completely invalid to hate on someone just because they were defending their intellectual property.

I find the sound kits excellent and I may consider buying one of the bundles in the future as they clearly hold a superior quality than those I could make or find in a royalty free website, so far so good. :+1:

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I think this update is good for top developers, but the thing you buy the sounds and upload them each by each and have to pay again with robux this time and it will cost a lot robux.

I think they should make a special side on Roblox for Tommy so players can purchase from there and doesn’t have to upload each by each or go outside of Roblox.

It can be much better, cheaper and easier.

True, we shouldn’t make too much arguments because it was their property.
I mean I’m not against this, I’m just afraid if I purchase the kits, something wrong is going to happen.
With lots of Roblox updates, things do go wrong, and mistakes will happen.

The oof sound stood as a symbol and when you heard of it you most likely thought of ROBLOX if you knew what it was, sad to see it go.

Not sure if people will find the new sound welcoming any time soon.

Also why are we giving into a man that literally attempted to sue over a 1 second noise?


“Attention developers, we are going to use the Updates and Announcements tag to do a big advertisement for this guy who tried to sue us, go pay him if you wanna use the sound that basically resembles our platform, Roblox! Did we mention that we’re going to be replacing the sound with something else and hiding it behind a pay-wall?”

  1. Files for this audio pack will likely be leaked online, and then later uploaded to Roblox, there’s no way to see which audio file is paid for, and which were downloaded + uploaded illegally.
  2. This is a very dumb choice and ruins the reputation (further) of Roblox staff.
  3. This discussion post is a big advertisement in itself, which breaks the forum rules. Good job, I guess?

I wish we all knew what happened with this settled legal dispute. :grimacing:

I’d like to note that although I was involved (with Jailbreak), I was never filled in with what was going on with their relationship. It was mostly a call to discuss permission for Jailbreak in a demo video and a quick rundown of how this would work.


Indeed, though I’m assuming nothing good, as staff hasn’t responded to this topic yet
so I’m suspecting either a money deal, or threats from tommy but I don’t think threats would be a considerable option as to why Roblox is doing this because this behavior is just insane neither has Roblox ever done anything like this in a while or has it publicly advertised in #updates:announcements like this: