Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

I would with any feature, including Future is Bright, including UGC (well that’s an easy pick for me), inculding videos and atmospheric fog for Roblox not to favour the big company on the small developer

And you can’t use these sound effects out of Roblox. That’s the issue.


The failure by Roblox however to try and create a system in which you could buy a license and gain access without having to reupload the sounds (which a user could just take the link of from your inventory or through the F9 menu) is pretty horrific though.

If they were really interested in a proper collab with Tommy, they would’ve worked on a system to better incorporate for this and then it’d open the door to more packs being added in the same system later.

Also for everyone asking:

The “oof” sound is gone.

You can get back access to it via the pack however (or at least that’s how it sounds.)

Also advertising in Announcements is quite…



This is going to impact both players and developers on a huge scale

I can’t even imagine the plight of some SFX designers seeing this and seeing their work thrown away and being replaced by some dude who sued Roblox over a sound

And Tommy isn’t a sound designer?

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From what I can tell this is basically another follow-up to the whole copyright drama surrounding the “oof” sound. I think it’s great that the sound isn’t gone forever, and that developers now get access to an even bigger library of sounds (presumably including the “oof” sound").

People need to understand that IP rights need to be respected, unless Roblox were to get extremely lucky, this was the best outcome.


I agree. As a matter of fact, a system like these should be implemented for other assets. I hope roblox makes this a feature in the upcoming dev marketplace.

Why is all this info about Tommy here. Yes we know he made the sound, but this is the announcements page and not a “promotion”

There will be 0 devs who will purchase from him just because he forced roblox to do this!


Exactly, this is a promotion. They are sponsoring his products. How is this not one?

$250 USD for the oof sound… Sounds like Tommy Tallarico is just trying to juice as much money as he can out of the Roblox Developers.


The “oof” sound being replaced as the default is just a tragedy. Was there really no way to reach an agreement to keep that sound as the default but also allow developers to purchase sound packs from Tommy? That being said I am glad that it will still be available, but it is sad that us developers will have to pay ourselves if we want to use it. This also causes me to worry that in the future rather than partnering with music distributors(Monstercat, APM, etc.) to provide audio free for all developers to use, that Roblox will instead go the route of “let the developers pay for the sounds themselves as long as we get a cut.” This would definitely be less ideal for developers and the Roblox community as a whole.

Also thanks for the advertisement, would’ve appreciated not getting notified of this since I really do not care about buying sounds from Tommy.


So, now I have to pay $250 dollars for the “OOF” sound?


In the nine years I have been playing, uuhhh.wav/uuhhh.mp3 (its modern file counterpart since like 2015) has probably been the most important sound to hear, as that meant you’re dead. To replace the sound would mean to entirely attempt and replace that habit that hearing “oof!” meant I was dead to make a new habit out of knowing whatever sound we’re going to receive in the long run.

I honestly agree with the other posters here as this is unnecessary to post in the #updates:announcements category. Even worse if that Finobe (a decently popular mostly-perfect retooling of pre-ForcedFE Roblox, 2015 and 2012) is affected by this, we might just not be able to hear that we’re dead anymore.


That doesn’t work with the permission system they currently use for animations, only the owner of the asset can use it, if anyone else tries to load in the asset it’ll throw an error. They could start doing the same with sounds, or at least certain sounds like these.

Definitely one of the worst "update"s I’ve ever seen from you guys. This wasn’t even an update. Honestly disappointed. Seemed to be a hasty conclusion just for the sake of reaching a conclusion.


The $10 basic kit includes the oof sound.


No, you have to pay $10 dollars. Which makes sense - it would be extremely expensive if this pricing pack was applied to every game on the platform.


Ah, thank you for the clarification. I must have misread it, I was under the influence it was only included in the Ultimate package.


Nooo! Not the oof sound! As many other people has already asked, will there be an option to re-enable it?


Yes, for only 10$ you, my friend can have the oof sound (the one that was free until yesterday) in your game!