Tommy Tallarico Sound Design Kit Now Available

About 332 people have expressed their opinion very clearly and if Roblox can’t see that it is officially blind and we can all move to unity and live happily ever after


Yeah, this category is for announcements and it seems out of place.

Considering how easy it is to copy sounds probably the sounds will become free in a week (botters). I don’t think selling sounds on the platform is available yet. Probably should have been done when we have better moderation, (I hate to see paid work reselled for free).

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Yeah, I can really see that. There’s already tons of botted audio and clothing on Roblox. I don’t see this going well.

isn’t this the guy who called the entirety of roblox at one point a group of kids or something? and why is roblox suddenly endorsing this guy, and why in announcements specifically?

also, nice sounds kits bruh


Community made noises? Roblox, check the shirts and pants catalog cuz doing that is just disappointing. You already have a MASSIVE problem with shirts and pants being copied over and over and over. This is a bad move for roblox to take since if they do this, they are making the shirts and pants problem bigger.

Does this mean the ‘OOF’ sound is copyrighted now?

I feel as if Roblox was forced to remove the oof sound as Tommy wanted compensation each game the sound was in. (So every game on Roblox)


If someone was to make a public admin gui and wanted to use the sounds in the gui would that be allowed? Its kinda vauge, it says Roblox product in the TOS and not Roblox game.

Would editing the sound effects to fit your needs be allowed? It does not mention it in the TOS.

don’t know what that is, but that’s probably the case.

what is this sound kit stuff is all about? is it an alternate way to purchase sounds to use in-game? has tommy finally snapped and gotten roblox to take down the oof?

yes and now they’re even advertising him

(not spam not offtopic take this down mods)

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Most likely not if you didn’t buy the sounds.
It’d be like playing them in a music script or just as any sound if you didn’t buy them but used the IDs.

Doing this is still fairly pointless still because botted audio is going to completely ruin any chance of the SFX not becoming free again anyway.

Time to go to Unreal Engine or Unity, maybe even Core!

I really don’t like that the announcements category is being used as an advertisement section for a guy who literally was defaming Roblox a couple of months ago. @younite’s post sums up exactly what I am thinking right now.

Exactly!!! ^^^^^^^^

WHAT?! Are you saying that people aren’t going to publish it to the toolbox and have people insert it into their game to bypass this? How can the moderators moderate thousands, if not millions of games?

That’s like saying you’ll remove friends. The “Oof” is iconic and something you can’t charge us for.

Frankly, I feel this is a large step down from where Roblox was yesterday. I hope there will not be more of these and if there are, I think it may be the time to finally leave Roblox for good.



Let’s organize a revolt by spamming this thread with “oof”
I wish we could get enough people to agree to avoid getting in trouble…

Jokes (maybe) aside, wtf? I have to agree with buildthomas on this one. This feels like more evidence of a more corporate focus for the company and it makes me sad that they aren’t doing major collaborations with artists already on the platform, instead with some external big-shot who wants to take away our iconic sound. That’s alright, because I’m sure people will find a way to use the sound anyways.

say oof for respects. There goes the final legacy sound.


I gave this a chance and bought the smallest package of sounds.
The sounds are of good quality to be expected.
I’m more upset that for $10 it seems I only get half the sounds.
An example is:
I have a Jail Door closing sound, but not an opening? So the jail door closing sound to me is useless.
This seems to be the case on a lot of the sounds in the smallest package which is already a steep price compared to other SFX developers- oh wait, you mean I still have to pay Robux to upload them? Wow… Thanks.
Besides the fact this is just an advertisement, I do try to give people chances, but for me, this is a no go and a $10 wasted. I simply don’t want to pay for half a sound effect. 100 sounds sounds nice, but a small percentage would be usable unless you pay for the ultimate package.


A complete waste of money since you would find people that created those sounds for as low as 500 robux whist this man is charging 2x that, and in USD


Sad how this man said not long ago that Roblox developers are kids. And now he’s trying to treat it more professionally. It’s just condescending. Nice back tracking, wonder what that shows about his character… Hmmmm.


Gotta love seeing an advertisement in the dev forums of all places. Disgusting.


I know right, like the Roblox Blog exists for a reason.

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