Too few animation priorities

My game uses quite a large number of different animations, and I keep finding them clashing together in unexpected ways because they have the same animation priority.
Why are there only 4 priorities? Shouldn’t it be an Int value like ZIndex for GUIs?

This is honestly a pretty simple change that won’t even affect older games provided the old priorities become numbered from 1-4.

Even just adding one or two more types would be extremely helpful.

Different priorities have different purposes. The Idle priority is intended for idle animations.
Actions are the highest priorities you can do.

Each priority works as a priority, nothing more. Action is 4, Core is 1.
Their names don’t really affect anything.

It does.

Action, being the highest priority overrides any current animations that are playing. Higher priorities will override any animations that has lower priorities.

This is where animation weight can help.

Have you tried using Animation Weights? It’s kind of what you’re looking for. AnimationTrack:AdjustWeight