Too many new DevForum members

Oh yes I know what you are talking about.

And there is one more thing the new users(Not everyone) join today and gets promoted the next day. How?
I took me 2 weeks to get promoted.

We all can relate with that but new people to the dev forum is mostly new developers and it is out job to help newbies and make a bit advanced like us.

Yeah but still your point is correct.

Good idea but the forum isn’t allowing new members to post instantly because they are new they wouldn’t know which category to post and as you said a forum for newbies would be non - useful because of new members there are a few people who can answer scripting problems.

But I appreciate being honest that you just had 2 hours of read time.

Edit 1
Also I wanted to talk about something that is common.
As I mentioned above that new players wouldn’t know which Category to post often people flag it and complain it is in wrong category. Can’t they see that their days visited would be low? It is very obvious to everyone and every new person can relate with it.


You could probably fix posts being spammed by beginners in a advanced category if they ever added it by possibly flagging it as off-topic to that category? Which would make sense because a beginner question like how to detect a touched event should not belong in a advanced section.

Just a thought.

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A quiz would be a good idea. This should be a very in-depth quiz though designed to pick out the levels of people. Like 50+ questions as anyone serious about the forum would do that.
A quiz should contain basic, intermediate, and advanced concepts.
Only problem with this is people giving out the answers. A rotating bank of questions in that case would be more effective.
Maybe the quiz could force the person to use the documentation just so those who do the quiz can know where to find most the information they’re looking for.

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Again, there is no objective stance on what “advanced” is. It is entirely based on the person asking. So no.


I feel like that is a bit rude to suggest that. You should welcome new members. Yeah no, applications don’t sound like a good thing.

I think this is a bold idea, yet a good one. I think there should be requirements to gain these channels but not as much reading the forum, more experience in actual coding or roblox itself, I can’t think of anything that could work but if you just let all users post in all channels, like @incapaz said, it isn’t going to work.

There should be set guidelines for “advanced” “experienced” or the other mentioned parts of this. It would be really silly if someone asked how to use print() in the highest level. Imagine someone posting something like Why are my topics grey? in an experienced category; it wouldn’t make sense.

If you are referring to the current topic “Adding an advanced, intermediate, beginner section”, I dont quite understand why you think this way. If you could share your opinion on why this would be a bad idea I would love to hear it.

Edit: If you meant something else then just ignore what I said…

There are not like 50million members on the dev forum (I am exaggerating). If we do we might as well get kicked off of the dev forum. Not a good idea in my opinion.

I dont quite think you understand the point of this post?

The whole point of this post is to just make seperate sections just depending on the skill level of current members.
You are still being welcomed to the DevForum, he is just suggesting to make different sections just depending on the current skill level of said member so that scripting help does not get flooded.

Edit: Once again, if that is not what you meant then feel free to correct me.

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But you never explained why you had that opinion, which is what @Syntheix wants to know (the explanation)


Seemed like you were just repeating this in your own words.

The topic isn’t even about that, it’s about different sections for the forum.

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Yeah I think maybe a forum for new forum members and after a month they get reviewed and if they follow the rules and post in the right category etc they can get moved to the main forums? People from the main forum can answer people from the lower forum though

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This just means another platform for devrel to monitor, it will require more resources like moderation.

Best that they learn here.


That’s also very true I never thought of that, maybe a quiz or something to be allowed to post?

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Yea I suggested that as well, see:

A quiz (an automatic one) wouldn’t work as the method and answers would just be posted online. A manually reviewed quiz would turn into the previous application process to join the DevForum.


If they made a super long quiz that asked different questions for everyone, or a bank of questions depending on their last response, that might work and prevent people from posting the answers to the quiz.


I agree, your soloution could work well.

I don’t think an automatic one, maybe like 100 questions that get switched everytime you take the quiz, and the questions get switched every month or so?

That would take months in itself to create all the questions to rotate through at those rates and randomization.