Too many new DevForum members

i was given false information which is why i asked. yes i’m newer, but i do actually use the forum. rather than people just becoming a member for reading for three hours just to get an exclusive channel in a roblox discord. which is what i’ve seen a lot of people do

Sorry if this came over as rude, I didn’t mean it in this way, I understand you were given false info. I’m talking about it being in a category for people with high experience with roblox. It’s an example and isn’t meant to offend. :smile:

Edit: Misread what you said, apologies

no, no i completely understand. and believe me, i felt like an idiot after i realized. but before i posted i tried to look around on why that was, because people were telling me something about pending posts which had me confused because people had already been responding to my topics, i didn’t know where to ask besides there. i don’t think i’m a very good example though considering i do use the forum quite frequently, I’ve seen so many people use the forum for exactly three hours just to become the member for exclusive channels in a discord server, the roblox discord server to be exact

Yeah, I get what you mean. The forum is almost too easy to join nowadays.

How will this work though people have different interperations of what “hard” is. For example a begginer might think events are really hard.

it really is too easy, i completely agree. i feel like people think it’s “cool” to be here or they just want to be in here for the server channel

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i got accepted through the “read alot of crap” procedure, but i also agree that it’s gotten out of hand;
just recently i got replies on a post saying that already sent information can be tampered with

It’s probably not very responsible to try and guess what the requirements are in a public setting, even if your guesses are wrong.

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I agree with you. I’ve noticed the quality of posts, such as in dev discussion, have dropped. I think the forum should get stricter with what is allowed to get posted where, and maybe have to earn a certain number of likes or solutions to post in advanced categories.

No… Then people will shitpost to get the most likes.

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I agree, although the requirements are easy to get a hold of, well predictions of them.

there are already videos on you tube on how to get in the forum.

I mean I think everyone already knows how to get in the forum it’s just the requirements you have to do.

That doesn’t make it okay to spread the “requirements”, even if your guesses (and the Youtube videos I’ve seen) are wildly off.

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in those videos though they have the requirements on how much you need to get in, and i agree there is much more required into getting in but i just listed around the hours it takes

So what’s wrong with the youtube videos then it’s not like getting into devforum is like a quiz, where those videos can give you the answers to the quiz. You still have to do your part.

the point is, for those who do know the requirements, it really isn’t that hard to get in… People take advantage of that to get in for my prime example, the roblox discord server. they have an exclusive text channel and voice channel for developers and some, (not all) but a good handful of people either try to get in the forum for the rank (because they think they are cool) or for the voice channel so they dont have to use push to talk.

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Change DevForum to city, any reference of sections to different buildings, and member to zombie, and you get an apocalypse!

In all seriousness though… I do agree. The quality of support sections (particularly Scripting Support) has hit a new low imo. I had problems before asking questions with the section since again, the easier problems are more common in the section, and thus can easily get bumped up to the top for days in a row.

I think that what has been proposed, adding two, or maybe even three new sections might make a huge difference. Personally I see a problem with naming them “Advanced” vs “Intermediate” vs “Basic” since those terms can be a little confusing (Is it referring to the problem, the user’s skill level, or what? How advanced is advanced?). I think this can be solved with proper guidelines.

I think that this would work well (Although, the naming is probably not so great):

  • Basic Scripting Support - A new category for much newer users to post where simpler questions could go (That might also be repetitive)
  • Intermediary Scripting Support - Most of the current category probably fits this section better (And it seems like its more geared this way)
  • Experienced Scripting Support - A category for problems which involve more experience to solve, but, aren’t necessarily advanced enough to have uncommon answer
  • Advanced Scripting Support - Problems which are rarer and more difficult, enough so that its not super likely most people would have the answer

I’m still not sure how this would work though everyone has different meaning’s of advanced. A new scripter might think x is super advanced and post it in the advanced scripting support.

An user can also know x but not know y if we went by the user’s skill level.

A combination of a quiz and mini challenges could certainly help IMO, at least to filter out those who don’t have a clue.
Questions might be about documentation/API reference.
Challenges could be like: “What is this code trying to achieve?” “Where’s the bug here?”

Maybe deeper roblox details? like replication, when to use waitforchild(), renderstepped, heartbeat…

This could help with all those low quality posts that get repeatedly posted in the forum.