Too many new DevForum members

This is not what roblox would like to do, they have had applications to join in the past and it simply was too overloaded with submissions.

At that point it is applications again.

I personally don’t have many projects. I don’t help make entire games I just don’t have time nor am I too interested in that as of now. I am someone that just knows how to develop but doesn’t necessarily have work to show off. I couldn’t have been on the forums if entry was never automated because of this. We shouldn’t lock the forum away from less experienced developers or developers like me

This is maybe why a challenge could be reasonable?

They would have to complete a small task.

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Could you not just use a trust level as an indicator as an active member of the forums? Such as how some topics are locked behind the Regular requirement to post in. As far as I know, most of these “newcomers” don’t contribute to the forum (as actively, not to say the can’t/won’t/wouldn’t) as much as a Regular would.

It’s important to keep in mind that people who barely know anything about scripting yet still post on the forum can think the most basic question is advanced.

Hi, I’m Bacon and I want this super hard question answered; what does script.Parent mean?

So even then, only the basic questions will be answered because “Advanced” will be overused.

Yeah same here. I’m awful at projects and had been trying to get into the DevForum ages ago. It’s one of those skills you pick up and can’t really show unless you have something significant. Which is why a quiz would be good for showing skills and would be more effective than the manual review process.

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Trust levels are built into discourse, so it is hard to implement a new trust level.

However something in the form of badges could work as mini-trust levels

I mentioned this before, there should be set guidelines and requirements to post in these categories.

I’m sure roblox can figure out ways to create a new trust level, they even linked roblox to discourse.

Sure, but the DevForum has no way of automatically detecting if a post is basic or advanced without any flags or moderation.

Too much work though, like mentioned they are built into discourse, implementing a badge would be much easier.

I don’t think, if theres requirements to post in experienced category, that they would post that sort of stuff? Even if they did, users would just flag it. It’d be rare too.

They could do this too, it’s down to them after all. I doubt they would want to add more to their already clear and robust trust level system

I think the point of this topic is that there are too many scripting newbies asking how to make a KillBrick and such. Yep, I’ve seen someone ask how to make a KillBrick.

Anyways, if there are hundreds of posts in the wrong category, then I don’t think that users could flag quick enough.

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I agree, but if they have access to this experienced help and feedback channel, I doubt it would have alot of posts that are like this.

You know how this devforum has groups you can join?

If they ever plan to make a requirement for advanced, intermediate, beginner, etc. When you meet these requirements, you can join that specified group, and maybe that specified group will have access to post in those categories?

I dont know how this DevForum and its programming works, but once again just a thought.

The problem is, I’m a member, but I know the “Basics” of scripting and a lot of the things I ask now are “Intermediate”. If “Advanced” and “Intermediate” were only open to Regulars+, then the Members who actually know how to script won’t be able to ask the advanced questions they need to to make progress.

I stated in my first post here that it should not be measured by forum goals and potentially a challenge or a test?

Haha, everyone decides to go attack people who post in the wrong category, while they don’t actually help people who are asking for help. This is why I don’t use the scripting help category (I try to figure everything by myself, rarely I ask for help when it takes me a long time to solve anything). Now all I do is talk in discussion :\ Scripting help is useless for me, for topics more advanced “what is x in lua”.

An thing which irrates me, is some of these new members giving wrong information…? I don’t want to hurt them so I say thank’s for the Information. This isn’t only new members btw doing this some regulars do this to, so not all the blame should be put on new members.


If everyone would like to support this feature request and add any extra info that isn’t provided yet feel free to support it here:

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