Tool.Activated behavior broken on mobile devices

The Issue: tool.Activated triggers on mobile when the user is panning their camera to look around, as well as when dragging the dynamic thumbstick to move.

This will not work trying to use the studio mobile device simulation. It only works when using a real mobile device. Join this game on mobile. Equip the tool by clicking the icon. Observe that when you move or pan your camera the tool will swing.

When It Started: Unsure when this exactly started, but just starting getting player reports about about 2-3 hours ago.

Expected behavior: I would expect tool.Activated to mimic its original behavior which was to not fire when a mobile user moves their camera or drags the dynamic thumbstick. It should only fire when the user is “tapping” in an intentional way to use the equipped tool.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


I am also having this issue.

Thanks by the way for acknowledging the issue, as it has been mentioned here too.

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Thank you so much for reporting the issue. It should be fixed now.


Thanks for providing a nice minimum game that was set with edit enabled so we could download it and test the problem.
As Urukeli said, we have made the problem go away for you.
But we are still trying to figure some things out behind the scenes, so I have a question:

In your report, you say that " This will not work trying to use the studio mobile device simulation. It only works when using a real mobile device."
But I believe I see the issue in Roblox Studio, with the touch emulator on (Samsung Tab A(2019, 8.0))
What I am seeing is this:
[1] I start your game by hitting play.
[2] I touch your square to put the sword in my hand
[3] RESULT: I can do a long-press or a click-drag-release anywhere outside the thumb area, the sword takes a swipe without jumping and the camera also moves. If I do this and drag the thumb control, he takes a swipe at the beginning of his run. If I do a click-release he swipes and also jumps.
[4] EXPECTED RESULT: The sword takes a swipe only if I click and release without holding the mouse down or dragging. And he should not jump at the same time. He should only jump if I click the jump button. If I click and drag I should only see camera changes and no swipe. If I click and drag in the thumb area, he should run without swiping.

Is all of the above a correct description of the problem?

I ended up testing this using a Samsung Galaxy S7 emulation, but for some reason was not able to reproduce the issue where the tool would activate when dragging the thumbstick or moving the camera. I was only able to get it to reproduce on an actual mobile device (Google Pixel 6).

I tested again on the reproduction place with a Samsung Tab A(2019, 8.0) emulation, but was unable to get the same results you did (perhaps you’re still using the broken version?): robloxapp-20230503-1007007.wmv (2.3 MB)

Your expected result is correct, all your reproduction steps are correct as well.

As a side note, I do still have users who experience this problem, while for others it is fixed. Not sure if this has something to do with their Roblox client. This could be similar to your issue if you’re on the fixed version, but still experiencing the issue.

Example of user experiencing the issue after the fix (iPhone 13): RPReplay_Final1683071219.mp4 - Google Drive

That’s a little strange. We have a way to turn changes on and off for everybody, and we’ve turned it off, and we know the reason, and it wasn’t there before yesterday. But you do need to close and relaunch Studio, or Roblox, for this to happen.

Can you check back with your use that still had the problem again and see? Make sure they close and restart; or even ask them to update/reinstall their Roblox client?

As for the emulation, it’s also odd that you wouldn’t see it there; did you close and relaunch studio?

The good news is, we’ve figured out what we did wrong. We are making a change behind the scenes to set the scene for a new feature. And so next week, we are going to try again. We are testing with the game you gave us, but when we try again I may add a note here asking you to give us quick feedback. Your help is really valuable.

The user in the video re-installed the Roblox app, and the expected behavior is now working for them :+1: I did close / relaunch studio before testing the emulation again.

Great that the issue was figured out! Will monitor it again for next week’s release.

Thanks so much. Your quick bug report and great sample file have helped us help everyone else!

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Hmm, it seems that the recent changes have caused tool.Activated to now only trigger on a short tap and no longer trigger when the user hold taps on their screen, completely breaking a blowdryer tool in my game. Is there any way around this new change? If not, I’ll start using a remote event to tell the server when the player clicks.

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There is no way around this change I know of. I suggest you use remote events!

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