Toolbox fails to load after searches

When I open a place, the toolbox works fine. It’s only until a few searches later that it does this every time:
Once this occurs, it persists in every category even when not searching. The only way I’ve been able to get around it is by using the website, dismissing the entire purpose of the toolbox.
This happens in every place after a few searches. All I have to do is open the toolbox and search a few times, and it yields no results. This started happening about one week ago, I was streaming and encountered it for the first time, leading me to believe that it was an internet issue. However, this has become a problem with every place since then.

I’ve seen this posted in the past, but they fell into the cracks of history and faded away with no real solution to them. Am I the only one with this issue?


I can also confirm that it happens to me.
The only way it gets fixed is I have to re-open the place again.


Hello! We’ve been trying to reproduce this with no success. Any more information would be helpful. Thanks.


Happens to me aswell. It gets fixed for a short period after opening a new place etc.

Yes, this has been happening to me as well. I discovered that if I drag the toolbox window and dock it somewhere else it will start loading items again without having to open a new instance of studio. For instance, if the toolbox is docked on the left side of the workspace when it stops loading items, I can drag it and dock it on on the top of the workspace and then it will start loading items again.


My internet connection is healthy and does it to me too, I noticed its after a few searches like said above, and its really annoying because i need a sky box and i experiment different kinds, so it is annoying, I’ve ran background checks to make sure roblox isnt slowing down or stop using wifi/internet. thats the information i can give you. roblox studio runs normally except the tool box overall.

Thank you for reporting! Our team is actively investigating this issue! :slight_smile:

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It always seem to happen once I scroll down a lot to look for content and clicking the clear button afterwards. Here’s my repro:

  1. Search anything.
  2. Scroll down after passing 6 or more pages. (happened to me at like 6-8 pages in a test)
  3. Click the clear (X) button in the search bar.
  • Reload manually if it doesn’t do so automatically.

Once it reloads, it will fail.

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This has happened to me at random times as well, and I have a strong internet connection as well. After clicking through the Toolbox tabs for a bit, it starts working again.

Thank you! These will help us find a solution to the issue.

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