Tools that don't require handles shouldn't require hands

As a Roblox developer, it is currently a horrible relentless gauntlet of absolute nonsense trying to reverse engineer what exactly humanoids need for Tools (and other things) to work properly.

R6 requires a Torso and a Right Arm with a Motor6D in the Torso called Right Shoulder. This is a rigid constraint.

R15 requires something else that I need to figure out now because I’m trying to transition my custom characters to using R15 instead of R6 so I can take advantage of humanoid scaling (which is a whole different can of worms WRT getting the hip height to set properly).

My custom character doesn’t even have hands.

Tools that don’t require handles should not require hands to use them.

Alternatively, there should be a property on Tools called something like “RequiresArm” so I can turn it off and just have my tools work. My custom characters cannot get dismembered, so I do not need this behavior. This behavior has lead me to create so many invisible body parts inside of my characters to trick things into working that it is frankly ridiculous.

Also this should be documented. I am suffering.


I believe R15 requires a RightHand and will try to automatically create a RightGripAttachment. I also think it needs to contain the joints for this pre-equip, but I haven’t tested this.

If you don’t use Humanoid, you cannot even activate your tool in the first place. Or you can have a ToolUser in the workspace that you parent the tool to and activate it that way.

Not sure what you’re talking about. All of my characters use humanoids. I have a custom character that is an alien. It is literally designed to not have hands.


I think we can probably remove this requirement for Tools with RequiresHandle set to false, it seems like a mistake that this was overlooked initially.

I’ll look into it, it should be a reasonable fix to make as long as it won’t break any other use cases. If so we’d need to add a new property :grimacing:


Thanks for picking this up.

The only thing I can think of would be people with tools that attach custom models to the character in nonstandard ways in games that feature explosions, etc. A common player trick in old fighting places was to rely on explosions to literally disarm opponents, which might be valid, but at least very likely wouldn’t be breaking. It might be fine though because in those cases they may not even be attaching the tool to the arm, so this behavior doesn’t make sense in that case anyway, and the developer should handle the dismemberment correctly themselves.


Is there any update on this? E.g. is this unblocked and simply waiting for someone to work on it, or does it require a whole design pass for new API, etc.

Every one of my custom characters gets this silly little “sub-rig” inside of it off of the rootpart so that tools work. This would be a big improvement and could let me clean up a lot of extraneous parts and simplify my content creation pipeline.

I’ve submitted the required change and will be able to enable it some time later this month.


It looks like this has been enabled, I can delete the entire subrig in my characters now and my tools all still work. :tada: Huge thanks.


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