Top 10 Games From Our Holiday Game Jam!

This holiday season, we were able to wrap up 2020 with a nice, festive bow. We gave members of our developer community 30 days to come up with the most wintery, holiday-themed games they could think of. They worked in groups of three to six to come up with some truly incredible works.

And the results were astounding!

The amount of creativity and work that everyone put into their games blew us away. We received a ton of incredible submissions, but here are a few of our favorites!


We all know the best part about winter is the fun you can have in the snow! In this game, players are able to make giant snowballs to roll down a steep slope and crash them into things to earn coins. The mechanics and builds are very polished, with fun gameplay, interesting quests, and more!

Snowy Showdown: Battle Royale

A wintery take on an arena-style battle game! In this game, you can steal the floor out from under your opponents to win. The beautiful use of lighting in this game really shows off its technical skills, and partnered with the incredibly fun gameplay, this game is a blast!

The Tale of Christmas Eve

Reindeer down! How will Santa deliver presents now? Will you be able to help the town residents to save Christmas? Not only is this game a beautiful build, but the story is a ton of fun, with minigames to complete in order to save Christmas.

Santa’s Workshop

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be one of Santa’s elves? Well now you can! In this fast-paced toy-building game, you and your friends take orders from a list and make toys to ship out in time for Christmas. The architecture as well as the fun gameplay are what make this game stellar!

Christmas Chaos

What’re the holidays without a bit of chaos? Evil elves are attacking, it is time to save Christmas! Can you make it through the hordes of elves in time to save Santa? This adventure game has surprises around every corner - and delicious candy canes to collect!

Present Protectors

Don’t open those presents before Christmas day! In this game you must protect Christmas gifts from waves of Elves that get progressively more difficult. Suit up and get ready to defend everyone’s gifts!

The Quest for Christmas

Run, jump and roll your way around on your quest to save Christmas! This is a super fun obby that has interesting mechanics which provide a fresh platforming challenge. Start practicing your double jumps and gliding maneuvers, then see if you can beat the speedrun world record!

Tactical Toys

Did you ever wish that your toys could come to life and fight crazy battles? Your parents probably didn’t, but now your childhood dream can come true in this third person robot-battle game! The gameplay and builds are really what makes this game shine and we recommend giving it a try!

Winter Minigames

Minigames are truly a classic on Roblox. This wonderfully wintery spin on classic gameplay captures the unique charm of Roblox minigames in a setting that fills you with holiday cheer. Chop down trees, collect presents, and have fun with your friends!

Christmas Shopping

We all know that feeling - on December 24, you’re running around to all the open stores just to try and pick up that one gift you forgot. Well, now you can do that virtually, too! In this game you shop for gifts on a 3 minute timer. You win by purchasing all the gifts on your shopping list!

Thank you again!

Through all these games, developers were able to showcase their creativity, technical skills, and resilience throughout this challenge. The amount of new and innovative games we were able to play was staggering; each and every one of the games showed us something new.

I’d like to once again thank all the participants who participated in the 2020 Holiday Developer Challenge. It’s been an incredible experience getting to see what all of you can do. Be sure to keep an eye out for future events :wink:

See you soon!


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Congrats to the top 10! From minigames to battle royales, I’m glad that there were many takes on the same theme! It’s really cool to see how developers took an overall objective and how each took a different path. Amazing!

If anyone wants a link to the other topic announcing the 2020 Holiday game jam winners, it’s linked below.

It’s odd how there’s two topics dealing with exactly the same event, but I’m glad that at least we knew who the top 10 were. I thought the games weren’t ever going to be announced!

Congratulaitons, again, to the runner-ups! :snowflake:


Participating in this event was an incredible experience - all of the teams challenged themselves to make the best experience possible. Looking at all the games, every team truly gave it their all. I am humbled for our team to have won second place and want to give a big congratulations to all of the other winners and participants. Happy new year!


Looking from the images and the games themselves, it is evident there was a lot of effort put into this. My favorite part of these games is that all of them are unique to each other and the typical “winter cliche.” It’d be really cool if these games were linked together by a Game Jam hub or something, that was also seasonally built.

Also, just a small comment: shouldn’t the games be list in runner-up-to-winner order since it’s top 10? (So like 10th place → 1st place).

Congrats to everyone who participated; I can’t wait for this year’s seasonal showdown!


This event was a blast. I made lots of new friends, I learned new things, and it was overall an amazing experience! All the teams had phenomenal games, so I’m shocked at the fact that my team got chosen for 2nd place. I look forward to more events like this!


I don’t know what to say, I’m so surprised our game The Quest for Christmas made top 10! Thank you to the other developers (@Equistonic @Corporatte)! I hope to continue competing in these game jams! :>


Like I stated, this was just an awesome event. I had so much fun which is all that matters! It was awesome!


Awesome event, my personal favorite was Tactical Toys, great sound decision, and great modeling.


I’m so grateful to have had an experience like this! This was the first game jam I’ve ever participated in and am so thankful for @Corporatte and @kodeti to have worked on it with me! I’m still in shock that we placed in the top 10. I’m looking forward to see if anyone will attempt to speedrun the game!


This being said-- if you do speedrun The Quest For Christmas, send me a video of your run via Discord (kodeti#6274) and I’ll make a speedrun ranking!


Congrats to all people who has participated !


Heartiest congratulations to all the winners and the participants as well.( I did not get to participate :frowning: )


It was a very unique experience working with a team again! Lets hope that another game jam will be hosted next christmas


Happy to see that my team placed 6th in this event, I hope to see more like this for Easter and maybe summer. Good job to all of the other participants!


Glad WatchMojo finally put great content.

Congrats for all games ! It was a great experience for us all


Congrats to all devs! It was a real fun event


Winter started last month and ends in 2 months.
Just last week Madrid was struck by a snowstorm, it snowed all over England, France was also struck by a snowstorm and so was the southern part of the USA.

… This convo has no point and I just wanted to be right lol.
The games are all really good and fun :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to all the amazingly talented teams who built these games! They look amazing! The gameplay is out of this world too! :smile:

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Hey developers,

We have finished sending out our participation certificates!

If you have not received one yet please directly message @DevEngagementTeam to get one sent out to you.