Holiday Developer Game Jam 2020!

Hey there developers,

It’s the most wonderful time of the year where the weather gets cold, the sun sets really early, and of course, holiday music starts to play in malls. With the wintry and holiday season in mind, @Moxyll and I have decided to create a holiday challenge for you guys this year!

This is an event to celebrate Roblox culture and we don’t want you to miss out on developing for your primary Roblox experiences. So if you have some extra time or just want to meet some new friends then…

Behold, the Holiday Developer Game Jam 2020! (Pretty creative name, I know)

Holiday Developer Game Jam 2020

Starting today and through the end of the month, you can team up with other developers in groups of 3-6 to create something wonderfully winter-themed together! Yes, your group has to have at least three people in it… you know, to spread the holiday spirit and stuff. But no more than six, that’s just too much holiday spirit!

You’ll have until December 5th to find and form a group, have a general idea of what you might make, and fill out this survey.

After groups are created, you will have until December 30th to create and submit the seasonal game your group created. We will review and select the 3 winning groups the following week on January 8th. Each winner will receive a prize (which are mentioned below)!

Looking For A Group?

Don’t have any friends that want to participate? Don’t worry! We’ve created a matchmaking thread where you can find other developers to work with and figure something out.

With that in mind, CHOOSE YOUR GROUPS CAREFULLY! Once you submit the survey, you can’t edit your response. Also note, you can only fill the survey out once you have your groups decided as we will request your group members’ usernames.

If we have piqued your interest, please read the submission requirements and then go ahead and fill out the survey listed below. Don’t rush it though, you have until the end of the week (December 5th) to formally submit it.

Details & Requirements

:snowman_with_snow: First off, whatever you create must either be holiday or winter themed. It can be a tycoon, a simulator, an obby, whatever you might think of, but it has to be related to winter or the holidays during this season.

:scroll: Secondly, it must, of course, follow the Roblox Terms of Use and Community Rules. If you need a brush up on what that includes, you can read it over here.

:handshake: Third, you must work in a group! Our hope for this event is that developers come together and work alongside each other to create something together. Remember: don’t be a grinch to your teammates!

:heartpulse: Lastly, have fun! It’s the holiday season after all.

Judgement Criteria

The games that groups submit will be judged accordingly with 5 different categories in mind; creativity, design, effort, experience, and it’s relation to the holiday winter theme. All of these will be marked with a score out of 10 for each category, leading users to get a possible score of 50.

Creativity - /10 :fountain_pen:

Creativity is really important when it comes to games so groups will be judged based on just how creative they are. Is it a totally new game that’s never been thought of? Or is it similar to something else that’s already been made? We want Developers to think outside of the box when creating their games.

Design - /10 :straight_ruler:

While creativity is important, design is what truly brings a game together. Groups will be judged on whether or not their games look absolutely magnificent, testing the limits of Roblox studio, or if it’s just another Roblox game that looks like any other. Developers should work hard to make their games beautiful!

Experience - /10 :star_struck:

Is the game fun? Sure it might me creative and pretty, but it won’t do much if players can’t enjoy playing it! Developers should strive to make their game something memorable and will make players want to come back and play again, even after the challenge is over!

Overall Effort - /10 :muscle:

Effort is really important when it comes to games. Players want to know that the Developer cares about the game they’re making, and it shows in their work! Groups will be judged on the overall effort and quality they spent into their games as you need motivation and good perseverance for a game to thrive.

Holiday/Winter Theme - /10 :snowman:

The whole reason this game jam was created. Groups will be judged on whether or not their games were related to the Holidays or Winter. It doesn’t need to be overly done, but it still needs to highlight the theme.


1st Place Prizes: A new fancy computer monitor that you can add to your collection, or replace your old one with, a small holiday party with the Developer Engagement Team! (Plus some top secret digital swag)

2nd Place Prizes: A set of (soon to be revealed) digital swag as well as $50 Roblox gift cards for each member of the group.

3rd Place Prizes: $25 Roblox gift cards for each member of the group.

Runner Ups: Groups who are in the top 10 will all receive support from us via tweets and blog posts which will include photos of your work!

Everyone who participates will receive a participation certificate as well~ :star2:

Event Dates:

  • December 1: Form groups and come up with ideas.
  • December 5: Deadline to have your groups formed and survey submitted!
  • December 30: Game Jam submissions close.
  • January 8: Winners selected and announced!

Important Links:

Interest Survey: Holiday Challenge Application!

Matchmaking Thread: Holiday Developer Game Jam Matchmaking Thread!

Have a wonderful holiday and good luck building!


Q: Does one person get a prize or does each person get a prize from the group?
A: Each person from the group gets a prize.

Q: Are the prizes restricted to US only?
A:Nope, should be fine for wherever you are! If there are issues with shipping internationally, we plan on reimbursing you guys, that way you don’t get left out

Q: Can we use open-source modules and free-to-use assets?
A: Open-source models, free to use assets, and assets you own are fine! As long as you can make it work wonderfully. :smiley:

Q: How many groups can I participate in?
A: Only one!

Q: Does everyone in the group have to fill the survey?
A: Only one person is required to do it, so long as they fill out their group member’s names.

Q: Why is the minimum 3?
A: The idea is to have developers work together instead of alone or in a duo project as we want you guys to work together and have some Holiday spirit. Typically a group is considered 3+ people, as a 2 people are just a duo/couple. With that in mind, we chose three. :slight_smile:

Q: How will our games be tested/judged?
A: When the time comes, we will release a survey for you guys to enter in your submission as well as team information (once again) and additional notes in case you have any.

Q: What’s the party with the DevEngagementTeam going to be like?
A: Due to Covid19, we’ll have a zoom party in which we will meet up and play some games together as well as hangout! :smiley:

Developer Engagement Team :smile:


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Quick hot take:

For a more competitive event, I can’t help but feel that $50/25 roblox gift cards and retweets are extremely underwhelming prizes to hype up developers. Not to mention the final product is a holiday themed game, which is bound to lose player count/interest shortly after the Christmas season is over.

While I appreciate that Roblox is being generous enough to offer prizes (unlike past game jams), what can developers realistically do with the prizes? Sure, the monitor is useful, but $50 of robux can’t even get you a proper advertisement.

Personally, I don’t see myself participating.


This is so cool! I see other international challenges similar to these and always wish there was one for us. Definitely going to participate. Good luck to everyone!


Does one person get a monitor or each person from that group get a monitor?


Nobody gets a computer - First place players get a new monitor.


Yeah, does only one person get a monitor? And what kind of monitor. :eyes:


I don’t think this is really meant to be competitive, just a fun little seasonal surprise from DevRel. This is especially nice because it is open to everyone (unlike RDC game jams) and supported by Roblox (unlike the unofficial game jams). Thank you for organizing this @Christmas_Treasure and @Moxyll! Also, are small teams (2 or 3) allowed? EDIT: Just checked the application and teams must be at least three people (but no more than six).


Looks like fun. I’ll definitely be taking part in it.


Is the monitor prize restricted to US-citizens only?


Each person will get a monitor, just as each person in the group will receive the gift cards. :smiley:


It’s out of ROBLOX’s generosity that they decide to even add on a ROBLOX gift card… (Not just to 1 user but to all group participants) Be more appreciative, if you aren’t a fan of what they’re willingly ready to give you for your time and effort. DO NOT PARTICIPATE. You aren’t here to shame ROBLOX for being generous and gifting developers money that could potentially help them. It’s a Game Jam It’s meant to be winter-themed and in all supposed to be a fun project to work on in December. It’s not expected for your game to do well after this game jam commences and is over.


Can I join I not a good script @Christmas_Treasure

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Cool contest! I love that you are being inclusive by stating holidays, not too often big companies respect other people’s beliefs, but glad to see Roblox does! If I may ask, why aren’t groups of 1-2 allowed? I understand that for most people, working in groups is better, but a minimum is a bit strange in my opinion. Also, will we be getting more contests like this? Thanks, and happy holidays! :snowflake:


Nope, should be fine for wherever you are! If there are issues with shipping internationally, we plan on reimbursing you guys, that way you don’t get left out :sweat_smile:


The idea is to have developers work together instead of alone or in a duo project as we want you guys to work together and have some Holiday spirit. Typically a group is considered 3+ people, as a 2 people are just a duo/couple. With that in mind, we chose three. :slight_smile:


Yup! Just make sure you have a group and you can participate :smiley: You can find groups at the matchmaking thread listed above.


Though I probably wont be participating in this event due to unrelated reasons… As someone with social anxiety that almost always works alone this requirement would make it difficult for me to participate. :slightly_frowning_face:


Looks Fun, I’ve never been in a Game Jam. Ill make this my 1st entry.

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Exact reason why I likely won’t be participating. I was hoping to work by myself and maybe with a really close friend, but I struggle working with people. I’d hope that it gets lowered to 1 or 2.