Top bar interferes with my GUI

I am using StarterGUI SetCore to disable the top bar, however I still cant put GUIS ontop of it. Anyone have any idea on how I could stop them from colliding?

For GUIs on the topbar, you cannot put a GUI “over” the topbar. All GUIs fall behind it, and will not block it out. However, if you could elaborate more, it would be helpful.

This is my problem

Ah, I see. I actually had this issue before. If you want the GUI to go to the top of the screen, set the size to {1, 0}, {1, 40} then move the whole GUI up by 40.

Edit: You may need to reposition the buttons, and size the FRAME.

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Use the IgnoreGuiInset property.


i already seen a post about it that i solved,

again you need to go at the screengui’s properties and enable “IgnoreGuiInset”.

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It’s 36 pixels not 40.

@OP either use ScreenGui.IgnoreGuiInset or set it’s Position to {xScalePos, xOffsetPos, yScalePos, -36}

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