Top most dropdown in Properties window cannot be collapsed

Pretty straightforward bug, the topmost fold cannot be collapsed in the Properties Widget, it’s always open regardless of how or when you click on the arrow.



More accurately, there’s an object in the corner that’s blocking mouse input:



This has already been reported 3 times. Remember to check if a report for your bug already exists before filing one yourself.

  1. Unclickable area in Properties menu
  2. Impossible to reopen "Appearance" from Properties
  3. I can't open the Appearance Dropdown

Temporary workaround:

Also, just checked on all the 3 reports I listed and the very first one was filed on August 9th, over 2 months ago, so it’s quite ridiculous that such a major bug hasn’t been fixed yet.

@butterthebig @polarporcupine Are there any updates you can share on this? I believe @hoontee found the root cause in the post just above this one.

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