Torso Dont Move in a Arms Animation [PLEASE HELP!]

When doing an animation where the torso moves (such as a walking or running animation, for example) and grabbing a tool with some animation, the torso becomes still.

And it’s even weirder because the tool’s Idle animation has no torso animation, only the arms move and that still happens.

This happens to me a lot and I haven’t seen ANYONE with this same problem, I thought there was no solution, but I saw a game where that didn’t happen.

The Game:

My Game:

My Anim:

Also, no matter the Animation Priority the problem still happens

After searching even more and more, I found another topic about this…
and no one gave him an answer too. :roll_eyes:
The Topic I found

I’m pretty sure its just an overlapping animation. Your gun hold animation probably has a keyframe for the upper torso and im guessing you have the gun hold animation at a higher priority causing the upperTorso to stay still. Edit your gunHold animation and delete all keyframes for the uppertorso

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I just realized that I only put the photo of my pose and not the keyframes xd

Here is the full Image

BTW is not R15 is R6 My character don’t have Upper Torso

And IdleGunAnim is Action and the RunAnim is Movement

What is bodyAttach? That could be the cause.

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The bodyattach is a Moto6D of the weapon handle with the right arm

can you add the torso to the animation? (using the three dots)

actually lets troubleshoot. I want you to disable the line of code where yo play the gun hold anim. But leave the rest of the logic. See if the torso is still stuck. If not then we know for sure the issue lies with the animation

Captura de pantalla 2022-08-08 024628
Like that?

yeah is there a keyframe on it?

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Do I remove the line of code where I start the GunIdle animation?

just comment out the line where you play the animation

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Srry the video is .wmv

is the torso still stuck? The vid isnt loading

Here is the video in mp4 :sweat_smile:
Not stuck*

ok yeah thats pretty weird. Did you make the animation yourself?

It’s an extremely laggy video, huh ?

We need 60 fps to get people see the video a bit better…

nah it just takes time to load. Basically one of the animations is causing the torso to lock in place.

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I’m making a “game” in roblox studio, so you can see the problem yourself gimme a min