Touched Event for Trails

I ran into a minor problem, the trails. I am using Roblox’s trails (because the flexibility, it can make curves) however there is no touched event for that so I am using a “hacky” way making invisible parts that follow my bike and I have a .Touched on those, it’s very bad for performance and I don’t know what I should do. I can’t make a feature suggestion thread because I am not a full member.

You use your trail to kill other people (like slither io)


Listening for touched on many parts could cause lag, as could creating and destroying many parts.

I’d say have a fixed resolution for the trail collision, such as ~6 segments, then you only need to create 6 parts when the bike is created, and just update their CFrame and Size. You’d need to track 6 points trailing behind the bike, by using coroutines and different delays.

For example:

local SegmentVerts = {}
local Resolution = 6
local TrailLifetime = 3--replace this with the Trail life time property
while true do
    --in parallel run the following function
            for i=1, Resolution do
                SegmentVerts[i] = BIKEPOSITIONHERE
wait()--avoid infinite loop freeze

The above code would give you a table with 6 vector3’s each tracking the bikes position some amount of time ago. This would give you something like the picture:
Then you can use the 6 premade parts to join up the vertices by using some function for each vertice pair that you put in one of the premade parts into:

function JoinVerts(Part, Pos1, Pos2)
    --CFrame(Vec3 A,Vec3 B) CF at A looking towards B
    local Length = (Pos2-Pos1).Magnitude
    Part.Size =,4,Length) --Trail is 4 studs wide I think
    Part.CFrame =,Pos2)

This code applied would give you a result something like the next image:
And then you’d just need to join the last vertex to the bike position, or you could have 7 verts and start the for loop with i = 0!