Tower Defenders | Roadmap

Tower Defenders

This is the Tower Defenders roadmap. Plans of future features, towers, and other updates are stated here.

If you want to keep an eye out for the frequent updates as they come out, then check out the update log. Keep yourself posted on the details!

Targeted for 1st Quarter 2022 (January-March)

Tutorial Mode [Developing] :hammer_and_wrench:


A quick mode that new or all players will have to complete in order to play the main game. It will be quick, concise, and maybe skippable.

Campaign [Pending] :no_entry_sign:


The long awaited campaign mode has been long on my mind. Executing such is a huge technical undertaking that will take time. But I am excited to confirm itโ€™s impending release.

Targeted for 2nd Quarter 2022 (April-June)

PvP Standalone [Pending] :no_entry_sign:


I plan to split PvP into its own game. I plan to compensate as best I can to those who purchased troops. Perhaps Iโ€™ll be able to compensate for 100%.

Targeted for 3rd Quarter 2022 (July-September)

Targeted for 4th Quarter 2022 (October-December)


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